Need Local Lead Gen Clients? I Have Clients and Can Get New Clients Every Month

by bryson
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I have a local SEO lead gen business and get clients calling virtually every week. I am looking to partner with an SEO who would rather build and rank sites than get clients.

I will handle the clients.

You build your own site and rank it.

I charge the client for all qualified leads you can generate.

We split the the income 75/25 (75% for you)

This is not a one-off deal, I am looking to partner with one or more SEO's on a long term basis.

For example, I have an immediate need for garage door replace/repair leads. And have an appliance repair, limo, replacement windows and a home renovator to close this week.

My business model is Simple:

- Clients pay per qualified call. I charge the typical client on average between $20 to $30 per lead
- You build your own site, do the seo, ppc etc.
- All calls are tracked and recorded - you have access to the call records.
- Fraudulent calls will not be paid

Any questions send me a message.
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