[JV] My funky Technique - Your Clients or Leads - Let's Make Bank!

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I have a fairly unique service that I provide for some of my clients maybe you would like to offer it to some of yours:

GMB verification without a postcard.

Q - What's special about this?
A - Well for starters ALL new GMB listings have to be verified by postcard - I can bypass that.

Q - Why would clients need it?
A - Some areas cannot receive post for whatever reason, so cannot verify their local business
- Or more importantly, maybe you or a client of yours would like to dominate the local market
with multiple listings.

Q - What niches does this suite?
A - Any business that goes and provides a service at the customers location but does NOT
service clients at the business location.

Any other questions please post in the thread so that other interested parties can see.

Interested parties PM me or if you cannot post here and I'll PM u.

Lets Make Bank!
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