If you have a product/course, or list/following, I will help you do a WEBINAR JV for best results.

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If you don't know already . . . a webinar typically converts about 10 times as well as the usual type of sales methods (with a sales-page or sales-video), plus the product/course can be sold at a higher price using a webinar.

This means that a webinar is by far the best way to maximise value delivered and profit made, for both the creator of the product or course, and for the owner of the list or following.

Did you know that one single webinar has generated $2 million in sales?

A webinar results in happier list-members and course or product buyers, fewer refunds, and better results for everyone involved.

But few people know how to create a really effective webinar, and how to put together an effective JV to get the best results.


If you are the creator of a product or course (any niche) . . .

* your product must be high-quality, with genuine proof of results, and genuine testimonials (unless it is the launch of a new product/course).

I will work with you to create a really effective webinar.


If you are the owner of a mailing-list or social-media following (any niche) . . .

* you must be able to send at least 100 clicks to the webinar registration page.

So for a typical mailing-list that would be a list-size of 5k (if your typical CTR is 2%), or for a typical FaceBook Group that would be 50k members (if the typical CTR is 0.2%).


What I will do for you . . .

I put together Joint Ventures between the owners of a lists or social-media followings, and the creators of a suitable courses or products.

I will take a percentage of the profits . . . so I only make money when you make money.

This can be ongoing if you like, so I'll continually work to put together more JV's to give you the best possible results for as long as you wish to continue doing so.

So, tell me about your product / course, or mailing-list / social-media-following, so we can work together maximise your results . . .


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