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So, after 13+ as a copywriter, I've discovered a very predictable way to convert on cold traffic - with sales letters, VSLs, and complete sales funnels. And while I love receiving those huge upfront fees, I base my financial existence off of that backend, passive, mailbox money.

But before I get into my JV offer, here's a little about me:

I've written and converted in health, supplements, self-development, relationships, pick up, ex back, financial, prepper/survival, MMO, digital marketing, online learning, and more.

I've also been the face and voice of successful promos. Plus. my real-life story has been used to sell multiple products, including a current Top Ten control on ClickBank.

You can learn a lot more about me on my website.

Here's what I'm looking for in a digital marketer/entrepreneur:
  • You've already had successful campaigns.
  • You have a list or lists to test our copy..
  • You have the budget to produce our copy (website, video, etc.)
  • You have an ad budget for cold traffic, and haven the personal media buying experiences to quickly and effectively test, or you have someone who can do it for us.
  • Most importantly, you have a product or service that... trumps... the competition.


Reach out and let's talk.

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