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This is your chance to get a well-established Public Roku TV channel while it is still easy to get noticed, without doing the all the work yourself. It is quite possible to have several thousand active channel installs within one month of the channel being published in the Roku store. Inevitably, we only have a certain window of time to do so. How long is that? I don't know and nobody else knows. But it is an almost certainty that the good times of right now cannot and will not last forever. I have already positioned myself on the platform and learned something about myself along the way. I found out that since I have learned how to create and publish the channels, that I enjoy doing the work. The catch is, it is time consuming. I found out quickly it is hard to come up with enough hours in the day to create new content and do the Roku publishing work.
This is where it could get really good for you. Because I enjoy the work and want to get as many channels up as quickly as possible, I decided I need a few JV partners. People who already have video content they would like to make available to a very large TV audience. If you have decent quality content, you could get tens of thousands of views quickly. It must be your unique content, no PLR or MRR content, please. Also, one niche per partner. I want it to be fair and give all partners a good shot at success so I will not do multiple channels of the same niche. Another good reason to get in ASAP if you are interested. It would be a shame if somebody else speaks for your niche first.
So first let me lay out what I can bring to the table. I will provide reliable video and image hosting. I will format the channel image assets to be used on the channel. I will properly encode each video for streaming. I will create and host the necessary. JSON feed that is the source file for the channel. All channels I create will be the direct publisher type. I will submit the channel to Roku and go through the approval process. I will get the channel approved and published in the store where it will be found immediately. I will provide a support desk for partners. Also, I recommend each partner have a Roku device. When I start developing your channel, I will give you a private code so you can install the channel on your Roku and watch the progress for yourself.
After the channel is published, I will provide you with every single statistic Roku makes available. I will do this monthly for each partner. If you need video editing, perhaps we can work out a side deal to include what you need. (Call to action overlays can help a lot) I will update the channel periodically with new content if you provide it. Within your video content you can promote your website, social media profiles, online or offline store and all your offers until your heart is content. This is also a great way to build your email list. Point viewers to your site and enjoy the new subscribers that come with the increased traffic. Also, almost all the traffic will be USA. If you prefer, I can make the channel available in the USA only. Or perhaps USA, Canada and the U.K. Whatever you wish.
I do reserve the right to reject content that is inappropriate. Roku will not publish porn, gambling and some other questionable content in their public store. I know there are some private channels out there like that, but that is not what I am offering here. If I look at your content and feel they will reject It, I'm not going to waste time on something that doesn't have a good chance of approval.
Now for the fun part, what can you bring to the table? I respond well to at least some cash, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that. I will consider any reasonable offers. If you have something of value to offer that I can use, it might work. Time is in scarce supply as I already mentioned, so it will have to be pretty good. I don't have time to read a bunch of how-to eBooks or stuff like that. I got more of those than I know what to do with already. If you have a profitable product or service to offer, I would be open to a profit share agreement. Keep in mind, I didn't just bring my time, skill and effort to the table. I am bringing things that cost money, like video hosting. I have bills to pay too, so I won't be able to wait a long time to get something back out of the deal. In fact, I'll need a 2-part compensation. First part is due when the channel is ready for publication. The 2nd part to cover the ongoing maintenance and updating of the channel. More on that in a minute. So, start thinking about it, I am happy to answer all relevant questions you might have.
I feel both you and I will have to be willing to show good faith. If I chose to partner with you, I will go first. Give me your best 5-10 videos with descriptions. Also (optional) your logo, and any other image assets you want me to use for your branding purposes. I will go to work and create your channel and you will be able to watch it before I submit it for approval.
For the sake of discussion, let's say you I have reached an agreement to move forward with your channel. Here is how it would work. As stated, I will show you good faith first by preparing your channel for publishing. At that point you will have to put up something. I am going to be honest, who ever makes me the best offer will get their channel done first. Then I'll move on down the line to 2nd best, 3rd best and so on. So, try to make this part of the offer good. If you prefer to offer something at this stage and more when the channel is approved and goes live, that will be fine. The 2nd part of your offer is to cover the ongoing costs of continuing to host your content and updating it with new content.
Trust and honesty are not only expected but will be required to make this partnership work. I will hold up my end of the deal, as long as you hold up yours. Also, I won't tell you how to make your videos or run your Business and I expect the same courtesy from you. That is reasonable, right? I encourage you to shop around a bit and see what other developers charge so you will have an idea what is reasonable to offer. The low-ball guys in the 300-500-dollar range are notorious for hidden fees. I will give you a few examples.
First, you will need reliable video and image hosting included in the deal. Make sure it is included in the price or you will soon find out what I meant about hidden fees. Also make sure you aren't going to be charged extra for bandwidth and/or data transfer. If you have decent quality content, you could get tens of thousands of views quickly and let me tell you extra fees could add up very quickly if you must pay extra for usage. Also, channel image assets have to be created and formatted for use on the channel. You can not get published without them so make sure you know if that is going to cost extra. Furthermore, all the videos should have the proper codex for streaming. Expect choppy playback if this important step is skipped. Even if all of the above is reasonably priced, there is one more land mine you could step on if you don't know about it in advance. It's something very important, but you might not think about it until after you "on the hook" so to speak. That is, what does it cost to update the channel after it is published? You simply must update with new video content on a regular basis to keep the active channel installs you have happy and continue to grow your viewership. I think it's safe to say the low-ball 300-dollar channel certainly will not include all of the above. My partnership offer does so please keep that in mind when constructing your offer.
There you have it. If you have any relevant questions, please feel free to ask on this thread or message me. I do feel this is the very best way available right now to get your offers in front of new prospects. Since Roku viewers are usually watching from home, it improves the odds of them responding to your offers. And by your channel being ready to play on their device 24-7-365 you can reach them several times a month with no extra effort on your part. Being on TV is a great way to instantly brand yourself as an expert in your field. Get found on TV and many of those viewers will seek you out online. I can help you get on TV. Let's make a deal!
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