Looking For Experienced Partner(s) For Profitable Businesses With Huge Potential (Recurring Income)

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What this is about:

I have profitable businesses and I'm looking for a partner experienced in management, marketing and strategies ready to invest, improve the projects, outsource everything and automate the process.

What I am offering:

You will get 50% of all recurring revenue.

Is this 1 partner or more?

Preferably 1 person with a good budget and good resources.
But you can also choose one project at a time.
Say 1 person can apply to one project that he is more experienced in, the others to other projects.

Why am I offering this JV?

I'm on a limited budget and want things done much faster.
I have invested 10s of thousands in these projects.

A partner(s) has to be willing to invest money to get recurring income.

Should have a strong work ethic / no black hat stuff.

What I can bring to the table:

- good at management (on a limited scale)
- can be in front of a camera (if needed)
- good at creating tutorials, explaining how everything works
- have experience in outsourcing
- can manage developments (on a limited scale)
- have good developers and virutal assistants that I worked with
- can spend 2 - 4 hours a day (if needed)
- can help with the funding later (after the cashflow)

Here's what I have to offer :

Cash Ignite - Paid-To-Tap android app Cash Ignite paing for tasks and surveys.

Simpatica Store - Shopify Dropship website with ready-to-earn strategies and social accounts

The Most Viral - viral website with unique branded domain, a lot of content, social media and great traffic history

Andromaker - android app builder, with ready-to-use tutorials and great conversion, monetized via AdMob - currently under construction

... have more profitable businesses, may bring to the table later

A bit more about Cash Ignite (just search Cash Ignite in Google):

- 30,000 user email list
- 50 - 500 users a day
- 10s of CPA networks integrated
- $700 days in 2015
- potential - $10,000 - $20,000 a month if marketed and optimized well
- 2 developers
- push notifications integrated (possibility to send a message directly to phone in any moment)
- 1K subscribers on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR_k0YwoI0c
- other social media
- $5K spent on development
- traffic is not an issue, should optimize the retention rate and new ways of monetization
- have a plan / vision

Past income proofs:

Current income proofs:

... and more

Cash Ignite has a profitable referral program with 40% commission, so traffic is not an issue.

The profit percentage is 50% - 70% (mostly 70%), 30% goes to users, 50% goes to referrers.

It already goes almost viral, I have plans to make it go even on a larger scale social wise.

When I fist launched in 2015 I've been hitting $700 days.

Now things have changed in the incentive industry and advertisers moved from PPI (pay per install) to PPE (pay per engagement) model. So the income and conversions dropped a lot.

The main issue is low retention rate (high uninstall rate) lately because of limited offer supply.
I'm still studying this subject on why the conversion and retention rate were so low last year.

A bit about Simpatica Store:

I have a profitable Instagram Influencer strategy that is surely gonna make many sales.
Then we can move to Facebook Ads as well.

I have tutorials and ideas.

Instagram accounts:





A bit more about The Most Viral:

- has a great social presense
- people were engaged very well and sharing the content
- the content was automatically published and spinned
- trafic comes naturally from Google and Social Media
- should find a new automated source to post and spin
- should find good ways of monetization
- traffic is not an issue

I was using very low paying network (because high paying networks accept only with top Alexa ranks) and never touched the site, nor published anything.

Here are traffic statistics anyway:

A bit more about Andromaker:

This was a higly engaging website for Adsense monetization.

What is Andromaker:

- users create android wallpaper apps
- users publish them on the Play Store
- users receive 50% of Adsense clicks and 50% receives the owner
- I have created great video tutorials
- was an instant user response
- active userbase
- people need a job and this an easy and realistic way to make passive income
- had precise tutorials and instuctions for users
- still own the domain but the app generating engine got technical issues
- budget needed to relaunch the engine
- homepage can be improved
- should verify the compliance with updated AdMob policies

These were results of only few months being online:

If you see big potential in these projects, you're experienced, willing to invest and have a vision on what needs to be done to make this projects highly profitable, post in this thread, drop me a message or hit me on Skype eugenysworld.

Let me know a bit about you, your background, your goal, what is your forte, what is your budget and how you can help.
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