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Almost anyone can build a cell phone app, you don't even need to be a programmer. What really gives an app its power is its backend architecture. The ability to take advantage of the power of things like big data, ETL, business intelligence, restful api access, scalable architecture, data visualization, process virtualization, ai and cloud computing etc.

These are what separate companies like Uber, Grubhub, Amazon etc. that dominate the marketplace from all the wannabes who get nowhere. I was the original architect for some of the truly ground breaking technologies used in the app/web based gig economy of today. Some of these systems were more than a decade ahead of their time, but they did lay the foundation for the types of systems that predominate now. While most people are just getting their feet wet in these systems, I've been working on them for decades.

I'm looking for a startup venture with the right idea and the financial backing to make it a reality. I will design your system, hire the IT staff, run the IT department, and most importantly take your idea from foggy concept to concrete profit making reality.

If you have the ambition, the drive, the idea and the backing to become the next big thing, pitch me, I'm all ears!
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