Looking To Joint Venture Partners With Service Providers - $100,000 Monthly Potential

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Hello Everyone

My name is James, and I'm looking for genuine joint ventures with a limited number of service providers across many fields and industries.

If you are an:

- Article Writer
- Traffic or Solo Ad Provider or Lead Generation
- Graphic designers,
- Data Entry Specialist
- Social Media Manager
- Social Media or Ad Poster
- Web developer, Programmer
- IT Security or Customer Support
- Funnel Builder
- Copywriter,
- Video creator or Editor,
- Webinar host or Live Streamer
- Entrepreneur or Newbie

than I'd like to joint venture with you.

Here's How Our Joint Venture Will Work?

I currently have access to thousands of paid online gigs like the ones above. I need service providers, and entrepreneurial types who can complete these assignments or outsource them to others for a profit, so we can continue to grow the business.

I find the customers and negotiate a fair price based on current market data. All you have to do is perform the assignment, or outsource it to someone else, and we will split the profits 50% - 50%?

This business is 100% scalable and you can potential earn up to $100,000 per month by simply outsourcing work to others.

My team does all the selling.

Do you have the right mindset to be a part of our team?

In my opinion a joint venture is a genuine venture where each party has something to lose and something to gain.

The benefit of joint venturing with me is I will also help you promote your services, but only if you're also willing to work with me as well.

I have been in the online and offline marketing arenas for more than 18 years, and I've worked with companies large and small, and in various fields and industries.

I've also cultivated hundreds of business contacts across multiple job sectors, and they're always looking for new talent, and products and services to promote or invest in.

In other words I know how to grow a business.

I will help you promote your services just for working with me, but the only catch is, I can't help you unless you're willing to follow through.

By following through and completing assignments on time, it will benefit both of us tremendously.

If you would like to be considered, please send me a PM immediately with your qualifications, and I'll let you know how you can get started.

Best Regards,

James Dean
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