[JV] You get an ebook with full private label rights if you promote me to your list once

by abo28
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My proposal in short:

I am about to build my email list and want to trade my new ebook in exchange for other list owners promoting my magnet to their list.

Now the details...

I have just written a short ebook for beginners called "Seven Online Businesses You Can Start Fast If You Have Little Time and Little Money". Part of this ebook is based on my own experience - I have successfully put into operation two businesses on the Internet.

I am offering complete rights for this ebook to any list owner who is willing to promote my lead magnet (a practical guide to build a business teaching at Udemy) to their list. It doesn't have to be a big list - if you only have a few hundred subscribers, that's OK.

Here's what you can do with my ebook:

* Put your name on it
* Change it in any way
* Put it into a different format (audio, video etc.)
* Distribute it through forums, social media, ebook directories etc.
* Offer it as a gift to your subscribers or customers
* Even sell it for a price

To download and read a sample version (PDF format), click here:


If we close a deal, you will receive a fully editable version of the ebook, in Word format.

Please PM me if you are interested in this joint venture. Thank you.

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