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Hi, I've been an online marketer for over 25 years, and just recently realized I am much happier creating products than marketing them. My Wealth Dynamics entrepreneur type is Creator-Mechanic. Like Walt Disney or Richard Branson, I love to create. I probably need more of a Star type or Supporter to promote my products because while I'm excellent at marketing and do find marketing tactics and strategies interesting, it's not really my passion. I'm a creator-mechanic. I'm a good complement to marketers who hate to create products, yet love to market them! So, I'm looking to build a small team.

I am also deeply passionate about AI tools, and was a very early adopter of GPT-3 about two years before almost anyone else heard of it, even when so-called "AI tools" started popping up here. I dove deeply into exploring their capabilities and my mind was blown. Now, with ChatGPT and GPT-4, which really makes these tools incredible good for developing digital products, I want to create a digital product empire... but I don't want to market them. I want three to four seasoned marketers with proven results who I can work with to promote them. They will mostly be text-based digital downloads for now and some AI text-to-image art embedded in those. I want to create books, workbooks, and courses. I also wish to develop chatbot apps that digest PDF, DOC, and image content and can answer questions about it. Could use a programmer if interested in that as well.

So, if you're interested, reply to this message or shoot me a private message.

Look forward to speaking with you.


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    What kind of digital products are we marketing, who are we appealing to. Please send me more details about this.
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    Marketing them will involve some sort of a budget, tell me more on how we will go about that?
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    What kind of product would you like to promote ?
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