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Hi, This is a 24 page report a wrote primarily for newcomers (but have been told by a few more experienced people that they found one or two nuggets in it that they were not aware of).

It contains links to some of the best tools on the net to help them with marketing. People here may be a little more experienced than the typical crowd, but I want to make it available in case there is a little bit of helpful info.

Almost all the tools are free, and when available I have listed resources for both Mac and PC. There are just a few tools that are not free, and have affiliate links.

If this looks like it might help you or there might be one or two items of benefit, then please enjoy. You may give it away or share it around, but please do not edit it or break it into pieces.

Here is the list of things included from the Table of Contents (the ones not marked paid are free tools):
  • Gmail
  • Wordpress
  • Xenu / Integrity
  • Google Alerts
  • FTP Client
  • Mindmaps
  • Quirk SearchStatus
  • Google Analytics
  • Skype
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Favicon Creators
  • Google Trends
  • Pinging Tool (Bonus!)
  • Autoresponder (Paid)
  • Graphics Program (Free and Paid)
  • HTML Editor (Free and Paid)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Free and Paid)
  • Extras - Check These Out

If this is too basic for you, feel free to use it as a giveaway for your list opt-in. Check it out! You might be surprised and pick up on something.

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