Valentine's Day JV - looking for 11 partners

by ShayB
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Hello, Warriors!

I am looking to do a JV with a few Warriors for Valentine's Day.

For this JV, I want to offer 2 things:
  • I have a list of 1300 work-at-home moms - I will send your freebie offer to them if I feel it would benefit them.
  • I have a freebie that I will offer to your list.
I chose Valentine's Day so that we will have plenty of time to coordinate this.

I would love to see more people participate.

Once all 12 spots are filled (including me!), then I will create an email to send to your lists.

My idea is for everyone to send only one email out on Valentie's Day to their list with a dozen offers on it (or however many people are participating) - and promote it like a Valentine's Day gift to your list (because it will be!).

If you have a list and a freebie you can offer, please PM me.

If you only have a list OR a freebie, then PM me and I will see what I can do.

If you have any suggestions, PLEASE make them!!!
#day #partners #valentine

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