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Hi fellow warriors

I am in the unique position of being able to offer ad swaps to people with any size list regardless if it is just 100 subscribers or even 20,000+ subscribers.

How am I able to do this?

I have a list of marketers that want me to book individual ad swaps for them, and each of these marketers has a different size list ranging from just over 100 to over 20k subscribers.

These marketers have not got together so that they can do ad swaps as a team, so they can each take a share of the overall clicks they get. This is a genuine list of marketers that have asked me to arrange individual ad swaps for them. The reason for this is that they are too busy to do the ad swaps themselves and they prefer someone to do the swaps for them that knows what he is doing.

Each ad swap you book will be with a genuine marketer that, just like you, is looking to increase their subscriber list. We can provide proof of list sizes, and proof of email swipes queued, and sent from their autoresponders. These are genuine optin subscribers in autoresponder accounts.

This is a real opportunity for you to book various ad swaps for the coming weeks, or even months in one go!

These guys, and girls, are even willing to send first so that you can ensure you have got your clicks before you send out for them!!!

Only reply or message me if you are genuine on booking some decent ad swaps.
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