Your Server + Our System = Lots of $$$ (Zero $ investment needed. Just your existing server asset!)

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"What do I have to do?"
Share an existing hosting service (VPS hosting with 1GB memory or better configuration), authorize the CSV team to manage one of your first-level domain name and its DNS to open sub-domain. Create a dedicated tracking ID in your Amazon Associates account for the team to track the commissions (advertising fee as termed by Amazon).

"How is it done?"
The team will generate at least 100 USD (and up to 1000 USD) in the next 60 days. You and the team split the commission in the Amazon Assoc. account.

"Is there proof?"
Yes, we welcome you to audit our own sites and Amazon account so that you know we're for real. (We welcome you to do the audit remotely through Skype screen sharing feature. We'll show you our Amazon account and how we got where we are now.) We'll help you help us duplicate our success.

"What's the split?"
It's negotiable.

"Is the income recurring?"
Yes, it is. Potentially, the speed of the incoming commission will increase as the site ages. So there's going to be an endless stream of income.

"Is this too good to be true?"
According to the team's experience, the commission of an individual Amazon Assoc. account cannot grow too fast too big or else it may run into ruin for reasons we can only speculate. Therefore, the only way for us to make as much money and as quickly as we can is to join hands. We truly believe it's a win-win venture!

"Does the method violate the Amazon Assoc. terms of use?"
It's not cookie stuffing or any other shady method that you've ever heard. In short, it's 100% legit. We just have an extra edge over the other fellow Amazon Assoc. affiliates.

"What's the edge?"
Efficiency: the team's founding members used to manage manufacturers in China and Vietnam. The method is so efficiently implemented that the return on investment can easily ends in the positive. If implemented by the others, the method can easily ends in the negative. Therefore, we don't mind disclosing to you our strategy. Like the fairly open eBay auctioning system, no everyone's making money though everyone seems to know how the top sellers are doing. Again, efficiency matters, no just effectiveness.

"Do I have to bear the risk of running into the negative?"
No, you bear no risk of losing money! The CSV team bears all cost of the implementation and we'll split the money in the Amazon Assocs. account, which is yours and in your control. (The team do ask for the right to remotely view your Amazon affiliate account revenue report from time to time. The purpose is to adjust the strategy and to confirm the amount of income so that the team can issue you the invoice. You can then split the money with the team through PayPal Mass Payment.)

"How do we start?"
Contact the team's partnership manager: Eric at Skype: balabinba. And we'll go from there! And may the odds be ever in our favor!

Doubt from other Warriors
Originally Posted by smok3yjk View Post

Yes this sounds beyond sketchy. I certainly wouldnt want someone else spamming with my affiliate ID. Thats just asking to get banned!
Response: No, it's not spamming the Amazon. As a matter of facts, our conversion rate this month as of now is 4.98% (As seen in the attachment). Again, it's 100% legit. Conversion like this is not the best but it's far beyond the realm of cookie stuff practice or spamming as you might have called it. Besides, does spamming work at all consider the 24 hour short-lived cookie?
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    It sounds intriguing.

    A few questions:

    Are you using your domains on my server or do I use my domains?

    How is the money shared? i.e. Amazon pays me as the associate, how do I pay you your commission?

    Do you need cpanel access or just ftp or wp admin access?

    Should I use a different hosting account for this venture than my other web businesses?

    Do we only share one site or can I have more than one set up like this?

    Can either of us end the relationship at any time?

    If the site is on my server,what happens if our relationship ends? Do I keep the site? You delete it? Can I buy it?

    Can I flip/sell a successful site? Do we need to end the profit sharing deal? Can I transfer to a new site owner? Can I send the buyer to you for the same offer after the sale?


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    Why do you need us?

    This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
    Why not just increase your server, and keep running sites on your own domains allowing you to keep 100% of the commission.
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    Woow ... I am sometimes confused with amazon. if anyone can help me
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