[WAMA] Igor Kheifets - List Building and Solo Ads Master - Thurs 10th July 10am EST/EDT

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Dear Warrior,

Hi, my name is Igor Kheifets and I’m your next WAMA expert you’ll have the distinct pleasure of grilling.

I’m excited to be interrogated by all of you hungry Warriors out there, especially since I’m really not a fancy-pants business expert like some of the previous WAMA speakers.

I'm not a CEO of a major marketing firm and I've never consulter an internet start up company.

I’m quite the opposite, to tell you the truth.

For almost 3 years now, my focus has been on helping the "little guy" make big money. People who never built a list before, after linking arms with me, start making a full-time income month-in and month-out, as long as they just follow the steps.

I’ve built my fortunes right here on the WarriorForum.

This amazing community of like-minded success-driven people is to thank for my success.

Here's a short list of my humble achievements:
  • I’ve helped 64 real people start living the list building lifestyle. This small mob of dedicated action takers are now making a full time income with list building ranging from $3k/mo to $30k/mo. Many of them are releasing products and coaching programs right here on the WarriorForum.
  • I’ve built lists into hundreds of thousands, all in the IM/MMO niche all through paid traffic methods such as solo ads, Facebook ads and media buys. I’ve mastered the art and science of self-liquidating list building, which allows me and my students to grow my business cost-effectively.
  • Some of the biggest names in the industry use me for traffic. I’ve been actively serving the IM community leaders with my solo ads service for 4+ years. Many of the same leaders hire me as their “traffic and conversion” in-house expert on a month-to-month basis.
  • I’ve been invited and “grilled” on the topic of list building, solo ads and conversions by the who’s who of Internet marketing. You can find some of this content in the Warroom and the WSO forum.

During the upcoming WAMA event, where Alaister asked me to share everything I know about building a list with solo ads and media buys… Making a great living selling info products… And driving your numbers through the roof using covert email mind-control tactics that can kick-start any email fueled business in a virtual heartbeat.

So, anything between paid traffic generation to email marketing to self-liquidating list building - feel free to shoot your questions over and I’ll do my best to make sure you step out of the upcoming WAMA session with a clear-cut action plan to a full-time list building income!

Talk soon,
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    We're very excited to have Igor Kheifets LIVE now for Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA).

    Watch the Igor Kheifets WAMA Replay Here

    Transcript of the Igor Kheifets WAMA Event:

    Hello folks, this is Igor Kheifets as you can tell. I see that we have got some folks just coming in here. So welcome to this Warrior, Ask me Anything event. Now I will be absolutely honest, I have never done anything like this before. I have never put myself out there in the open like that allowing you to ask me any questions that you like and just kind of go uncensored.

    So I have also never used the system, the ustream.tv so I am just finding my way around it still. Therefore before explaining to you how the call is going to go today, what I want to do is just give you a basic brief introduction as to who I am in case you haven’t seen me around the forum, even though I am pretty active around these parts.

    So with relation to the forum and itself, The Warrior Forum has been my boondocks if you will, this is where I come from pretty much, this is where I have started to grasp a lot of ideas of internet marketing. I most definitely never experienced any success before joining The Warrior Forum and it is by studying those people on the forum where I first found my big breakthrough. And the breakthrough, I didn’t just explode into the marketplace, but more so gradually built up my fortunes and eventually found my own unique path and now of course the forum serves as pretty much one of the greatest platforms for my business, since this where I am known best for.

    So I guess what real estate... that is a bad example. I am sorry. What I am trying to say is this: The Warrior Forum if you use it right, if you nurture it right, if you behave, it can become an amazing platform for your success just as it has for mine and many people I associate with. And so a part of the reason why I am doing this right is to give back to the community and obviously this is also to promote my brand. We are all marketers here so I am pretty sure you can appreciate that but a big portion of this is to give back. And when Alaister the new CEO of the forum approached me and he’s like, “Do you want to do this?” I was like, “Are you kidding me?”

    You know, Matt Bacak was before me, the guy is a fricking legend. And there is a bunch of other people who work with Dropbox and AppSumo and stuff like that. So I jumped on the opportunity and I still don’t know what the hell I am doing but you know I am really happy.

    As of right now we have twelve people on, so I am pretty sure we are going to be having more and more viewers come in. In the meanwhile, I am going to just start answering a few questions that we received before the call started, basically, which I got down on a big list. So let me just kind of take a quick look over here. Okay so I will just go in the same order which the questions were received, okay folks.


    The first question I received was from Joe.

    And Joe is asking the following, he says, “Igor exactly what are the steps that you take if you were starting with Pay Traffic, what platform would you use, solo ad, Facebook whatever, how much of a budget do you need to start, would you use lead pages etcetera?”

    So this is obviously a big question, a big general question. So I am just going to try to pinpoint the question and basically answer it from the perspective of if I were getting started all over again, what would I do?

    Well the first thing I would do, something I wish I would have done sooner, is to basically create my own product and create my own offer to put out there. Now a lot of you listening are probably just getting started and based on the comments we received in the W main thread, there are a lot of beginners there. So anyone who wants to position themselves, not as an expert, not as a guru, but just position themselves in a way where they can get money, get paid, and this is why we are here. This is why we got into internet marketing; to get paid to make money. Anyone who wants to make money needs to sell something. And it is actually a big mistake to think you can get away with just doing affiliate marketing. Sure, there are people doing that, there is a handful of them but I assure you, it is extremely hard to do paid advertizing through affiliate marketing because you only get to keep a percentage of the profits and you never, and this is probably one of the biggest reason why I have never succeeded with affiliate marketing, even though I really tried for about a year and a half, because you never get to keep the customer. And this is, like I said this is a big one because many businesses out there, many marketers out there, they drive traffic okay and they get a customer to make a sale. Now in my business I have found t hat the more profitable approach would be to make a sale to make a customer. Therefore I don’t really expect to make fortunes on the first sale, but I do expect to make a lot of money throughout the ongoing relationship with my clients.

    And that is why if I was just getting started all over again, I would create my own product, information product, so something like an eBook or video course or like a coaching program, or membership site or software; something. And I would sell that at a low ticket price. Around $7, $9, $12, $15, $17, $27, alright, not something major. And the reason I go with a low ticket price is because a low ticket item is a great way to invite somebody into your world, make a little bit of money, that helps you to just liquidate the ad spend and to of course win their trust and help them identify with you as a buyer, as somebody who has the money, is willing to spend the money if they see an offer that makes sense because if you end up – and I have made this mistake too.

    As you know I am all about list building, list building by far and away is the one of the most profitable things you can do online, one of the most reliable ways to get paid if you will on an ongoing basis. And again if you study any of the big names on the forum, or any of the big names in marketing like Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Mike Filsame, Andy Jenkins and anybody else, they all build lists. So this is like one thing they all share in common. They build lists and they have got their own products right, their own coaching programs.

    So, what happens is you get the customer from your list. And if you build a list without getting customers, if you build a list just strictly off of the people who signed up on your list for free, you end up having a lot of people on the list but not so much activity going on like [07:31 _ publishing and multi building and dollar company] done all through newsletters. They only market newsletters to their audience. They don’t even bother going after people who are not buyers. They don’t even bother to market anything to prospects, they will only mail offers to buyers and that is why in their customer acquisition campaigns they would put a low ticket item or a low ticket subscription or trial with $1, or $5 or $7 or $20 in front of their prospects, to qualify those who have the money, to qualify those who are buyers by nature and who are serious about whatever they want to learn, whether it is real estate investments, or financial advice or golf, or whatever because they have got millions of newsletters on everything. And so what they do is target the buyers.

    And that is why I recommend, if you are just getting started the first thing you want to be doing is creating your own product, creating your own offer and putting it out there for sale because that is going to boost your credibility, allow you to make a little bit of money, get a customer list going which in itself is an amazingly profitable asset and having one is so fulfilling you have no idea. And of course once you have got a product out there you can start driving paid traffic in which case, both solos and Facebook ads and media buys are all good in my book. It is just depending on what the product is you will have to adjust to the guidelines of the traffic method. Like if you are on Facebook right and you have got a product in the make money online niche you actually have to jump through a few hoops to get the product approved because if they notice and they suspect that the product is MMOIM, make money online internet marketing or business opportunity, or MLM related, they will not approve it, in fact you can also get your account shut down. So you will have to play by their rules.

    With solo ads it would be much simpler, you just get a solo, you mail it, that is pretty much it. With media buys again depending where you do it. There is also PBT traffic which is a bit technical so if you are a newbie, if you are a rookie I recommend sticking to Facebook ads, solo ads and perhaps media buys if you have deeper pockets and you can afford to test your campaigns with more than just $50 to $100 you know. That would be ideal for you.So that is my answer to the question that Joe asked on what would I do if I started all over.


    Now the next question I got here is Michael G who asks, “Do you see the business model of list building as becoming saturated and does the mobile device solution impacting the sustainability of list building, SMS or text messaging a list as a viable alternative?”

    Well here is the thing Michael, here is what I think about this whole situation. First off mobile marketing has been here since about 2010 /2011 and I remember having a distinct conversation with a colleague of mine who was a hardcore list builder, in fact we studied under the same mentor. And he approached me in 2011, the late 2011 and he told me, “Hey man I am going to go into mobile because email marketing is dying.” I’m like, “Well you know, just go ahead and I am going to stick to email marketing because until now that we have had the threats from Twitter and Facebook and video and everything saying that email marketing is going to die, and that list building ain’t going to work, you know we are all still here.”

    Guys like Matt Bacak, myself, again any other major guru like Frank Kern, Mike Filsame whatnot, they are all building lists. You know guys like Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, they make their living off of 100% email based systems. And you know I just had a training for my clients with Andre Chaperon and email is unbeatable in everything because it is very fast, it is very reliable, it is here to stay, everybody is using it right? And you can’t really deliver a message in an SMS or a text message as well as you can deliver it in an email because you are always limited.

    You can’t really send out a link because not everybody has a smart phone, you can’t really pre sell the link because you only have so many characters available to you and nobody buys from a text message. But people are conditioned to communicate and buy through email and those big companies such as Amazon and you know whoever else they are all using it because it is still here and it is by far and away the cheapest, and the fastest and the easiest way to reach your customers on a daily basis and effectively communicate with them and of course sell your merchandize. Not to mention of course that for the most part using mobile traffic, they drive traffic off of mobile networks to a mobile optimized squeeze page to get people and their email addresses and follow up with them by email, not so much through text messages.

    Yeah the text messages, sometimes it is great if you want to go ahead and make sure that the prospect makes it to the appointment. So if for example somebody has a call scheduled with me a coaching call or someone who applied for coaching and we got an appointment to discuss it, as a potential coaching client with me, I have got an automated system that would go ahead and send out a text message to that person to remind them about that appointment just like you would expect your dentist to send you a text message and remind you that tomorrow you have got an appointment with the dentist at 11:30am just so you don’t forget because a lot of people forget.

    But in terms of marketing media, I am still not really “Sold” on text messages being that.


    So moving onto the next question, Alaina is asking, “Which is most effective a long or a short squeeze page?”

    Now this a very interesting question because there is a couple of schools of thoughts here. One school of thought developed by Jeff Walker I believe who was the first one to do that aggressively, that says you really must sell the opt-in just as hard as you sell the sale. So in other words a lot of people what they would do, they would rather read a long form sales letter to sell the opt-in. And that supposedly is going to give you a much more qualified, an opt-in of high quality. To be honest I was never excited about this approach because I didn’t really notice that big of a difference.

    I do know people as well, great great marketers like Andre Chaperon again, the email guy that I mentioned earlier. Andre he used to do these long form squeeze pages where you actually had to go through a few pages of content that he would share with you, content on page one, then he would make you click on the link go to the next one. You consume some content, you go to the next one, to the next one, so after 5 to 6 pages of content you finally get to an opt-in form and of course that supposedly is going to get you a much higher opt-in, which I’m sure it does because if someone has stuck with you through five clicks before giving you the opt-in, they are not in love with you but they are predisposed to do business with you. But you will get much less opt-ins, you will get fewer opt-ins than if you were to have a short form squeeze page and simply operate on curiosity or just use your headline.

    Now I personally, my school of thought was always to use the squeeze page as a pre-qualifier. So if my product or my offer is all about list building, that is what the squeeze page is going to be talking about and do the selling later, just to get their email as soon as I can because then I can follow up with the email. And obviously some emails are going to be fake, some emails are going to bounce, and so that is okay, so again it is a numbers game. But in my personal experience and from the experience of my students that I have been coaching the last three years many of whom are here on this forum, we have all been using short squeeze pages. In fact I do insist on keeping all of my squeeze pages above the fold which means that if you are looking at the screen right now, you see me on the screen, the upper part of the screen right here, you definitely want to make sure that you have got the offer and the opt-in form on the upper fold of that screen because if they have to scroll down just to see the opt-in form you will get 20% or so less opt-ins usually, 15 to 20% and that is just statistical fact because most people don’t scroll down, this is the amazing part.


    So moving onto the next question.

    Ed is asking, “What traffic method would you recommend to your coaching students to use if they are on a tight budget and just starting out to build their list, (zero lists) aside from solo ad and ad swap and click banking?”

    Okay. This is a very good question and the reason I think it is a very good question is the way Ed is thinking of this one is the same way most people do; and that is a flawed thinking. Here is what I say. If I can spend $1 to get a customer and you can’t, then I win which means that if my pockets are empty and my competitor’s pockets are full and he is able to spend money to make money usually what is going to happen is the competition, my competition is going to win. So I always must have some dollars to invest in my business because not advertizing is not an option, not using paid advertizing today in such a fierce marketplace is definitely not an option because you will get stomped and you will get just crushed and nobody will pay attention okay.

    I also found that paid traffic just pays better, you know it converts better because people who get to your website through paid traffic and they know it is paid traffic because it is an ad, they take you seriously.

    So what would I use? I would probably use the same methods, the same tested traffic methods like Facebook, solo ads, media buys, whatever I could however I would change my thinking about budget. And so if I don’t have the budget, I would go out there and get the budget.

    When this was the situation in my business and I was working a very crappy job at a local chemical plant, I was sitting there as security guard from midnight to 9am inhaling toxic fumes, having to step outside for 20 minutes every hour, these were the safety guidelines on the facility I basically took on this job as a second job because I also had another day job at the time working in a store selling lottery tickets of all things. So I was literally sitting there watching other people who live on social security and other government benefits just lose all their money and gamble it all away. So I just go the money I just went out there and got a second job.

    Incidentally my wife at the time, she was just my girlfriend she wasn’t my wife yet, she also had two jobs. She was waiting in the evenings and she was working in the store selling pantyhose and stuff like that in the day. And so we worked our butts off. Now I was really really fortunate to have her and to be supportive of my goals and my dreams even though she didn’t believe I couldn’t do it but she would settle for me not being home, not sleeping in the same bed as she was because I Was working night shifts, just so I could make some extra money to invest in my ad campaigns.

    And so again my advice if you are on a limited budget, you must go out there and find a way to get more money whether by loaning the money from the bank, borrowing the money from your parents, relatives, friends, rich uncle, whatever, credit cards, pulling the money out of your 401 K if you have to, getting a second job. If you already work two jobs just to pay the bills, well get a third job okay, get a third job online as an assistant to somebody for example. You can go on Fivr and do these little jobs for $5 at a time. You can go on Odesk.com and offer your services by doing mechanical stuff that anyone can do such as go into somebody’s You tube video, hitting the share button and leaving a positive comment. Go onto somebody’s blog, grabbing their links and posting it to the social media sites. There is a lot of stuff that you can do that pays based on your actions and these actions are just mechanical actions like anything you can do.

    Now this is obviously a time consuming job that doesn’t pay riches, it is not like a rich job or anything but it pays and it is a very simple way, a very safe way to make money without spending any money which you can then take this extra money you just made right and you can put it towards your business. And the way you make this money multiply into more money is the way I explained answering the first question about what would I do if I was starting all over again?


    Now I do see we have quite a few questions coming up here from Stevie and Jen and Adam and OnwithEd which is probably Ed. So I will get to those questions okay if time permits. I am still going through these other questions we received before the call, so I thank you guys for being patient.

    Alright so moving onto the next question. Paul is asking, “What can I study to learn how to make my list more responsive?”

    Okay that is a great question, that is a very good question which I respect Paul for asking because it really shows where the guy is headed and what you can study Paul is Copywriting. Copywriting influence and most importantly the one thing that brings it all together is direct mail. Direct mail is by far and away the easiest way to get better at email marketing and list building, by simply studying the past successes of the direct mail industry, which in itself is sort of like list building only it is done offline.

    Okay so basically the resources I recommend that you study…I will just give you names of authors. You have got Joe Sugarman, Victor Schwab, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, David Ogilvy. Let’s just have these five for you; also Gary Bencivenga. If you want to study how to write campaign emails., how to get people’s attention, how to sell through your emails you definitely want to study these guys, Gary Bencivenga being one of the greatest copywriters who lives right now. You also want to study Gary Halbert; you can Google GaryHalbertletter and you can get on his website which is basically his entire direct mail marketing newsletter that he used to charge a lot of money for on a monthly basis before he passed away. It is now available for free on his website, so you can study that. And what I would recommend you would do to get really good at this stuff and internalize the whole concept is to write out by hand all of those sales letters. This is what I do and this is what my successful students do as well.

    Another guy you really want to study when it comes to modern day email marketing that I recommend you study is, Ben Settle. Ben Settle is an amazing marketer, he is one of the few people who gets me to open his emails all the time and read those emails that I actually enjoy the reading process, and buy his stuff. He runs a monthly newsletter a physical newsletter on email marketing that I will recommend you get. In fact I just used one strategy that Ben shared in one of his past issues that I purchased that brought in five figures in a matter of just three weeks or so. So that one was insanely profitable and insanely easy to pull off because all I did was send out emails to my list over the course of three weeks. Again amazing stuff, amazing, just very very simple.

    And another guy, the last recommendation that I want to give you to study if you want to get better at email marketing is Andre Chaperon and his product base, Sell with the auto responder madness which you can get at autorespondermadness.com.

    By the way I am not affiliated with any of these guys okay just so you know. They are just great resources that I study myself to get better at my gig. But over all you also have to remember that you will get better over time. A lot of people they want simplistic answers to complicated solutions. Ad when it comes to your list response it is a big mix of the type of list you have got, the type of marketing that you do, the type of offer that you put forth and the whole style of your marketing and the energy and vibration that you put, even though it sounds metaphysical, actually it is so, you know I have seen how identical email marketers like two exact same people can email lists built from the exact same source and use the exact same email swipe and one of them will make emails and the other one will not. It is just amazing like that. So usually it revolves around the vibe you are sending out right whether your list wants to listen to you or not.

    So I recommend you study Ben in that fashion because the way he teaches it, you will probably be grasping it that much faster than what Andre does because Andre is an expert, he is a great email marketing teacher for the sophisticated fellow right. So if you are brand brand brand new to this I recommend starting with Ben Settle and moving onto Andre and of course never forgetting the great direct mail marketers that I mentioned before including Dan Kennedy who is really rocking it right now.

    Alrighty, I just got a message from Alaister saying I can jump back and forth with questions both that we received and are getting right now. So let me just scroll through the list of questions here that we are getting from you folks and see what is going on here.


    Okay we have one question from Adam.

    Adam is asking, “When creating Facebook ads what editor do you use, standard interface, power editor, or PMD and why?”

    Well to be honest usually I am operating from my MacBook Pro and I am using Safari and the standard interface because there is no need to use the editor anymore. I have an assistant who will upload custom audiences through the power editor but I myself whenever I go to create an ad I just use the usual interface. That is pretty much it.


    Okay let’s see. I am with Ed, which I am guessing is Ed.

    Ed is asking, “Igor do you have any alternative traffic to recommend to salesroom, solo ads, ad spots and click banking?”

    Yes I most definitely have. The one traffic source that I see is most overlooked I guess but that is also probably by far and away the highest quality traffic and is also free to come by is JV traffic, getting people to mail your stuff for you in exchange for commissions whether it is 100% commission or 7o% commission front and back or just front commission, whatever the case may be, the concept of having other marketers with lists mailing your offer is still alive and well.

    In fact I just came back, a few months ago I have been to a seminar in Manchester England which was about 300 people big, consisted of about 150 marketers who were actively launching products and getting their JV’s to mail for them and that was their only traffic source. In fact these guys don’t even remember the last time they spent any money on advertising. And if we run back to the issue of the budget, this is another alternative that you can pull off, only if you have balls for a lack of a better term, to really actually launch your own product and write copy that sells it because JV’s will not mail a product that doesn’t look like it is going to sell. It is even better if you already have proof that the product sells and then they will gladly blast out your offers, they will give you traffic as much traffic as you can only handle.

    And this is a strategy that I also used early on in my career when I was short of cash. I actually launched three products and gave away 100% commission both front and back. So the front sale was $9 the back end sales was $27 and I was giving away all of the commissions to the person who was driving the traffic over to my offer and in exchange people were doing just that. It took some negotiating, it took some relentless and resilient follow up with these folks because usually whoever has got the traffic is kind of busy. But I did it and I had about a dozen people who were actively buying paid advertizing who were using my product as their backhand and as their cross selling opportunity as well in their follow up sequence.

    So what ended up happening is that I started getting free buyer leads which I drummed into some affiliate income which I then used to fund my business. So there you go.


    Okay so let’s see what we have got here as well, just one more before I move back to the pre questions we have gotten.

    Okay this is a great question. “What are the top three things you do to increase conversion rates on your squeeze pages?”

    Interesting question from Lance. Okay well Lance here is what I do. First off 80% of your squeeze page success is your headline by far and away because there is really not much going on, on that headline. So headline, split testing the headlines, trying new angles all the time and really just dumbing it down if you will, as much as humanly possible because like Is aid earlier on this call, most people, especially those who are product junkies if you will, junkies in a way where they buy information products all the time, they are constantly looking for a simplistic solution to complicated problem, therefore the more simplistic your solution is and the more simplistic it is in its presentation the more likely they are to opt in and want to learn more about your product. So that’s one.

    Two, you always want to keep it above the fold, like I shared before a lot of people actually don’t scroll down so you know a lot of people will not even see your offer, will not even be able to opt-in unless you make sure that the opt-in form is above the fold.

    And number three, another thing I would do to increase conversions on my squeeze pages is testing different backgrounds and not having any backgrounds at all. You would be surprised that sometimes just changing the template from having a fancy background with the beach or a hot woman on the back; by the way a great tip for you guys, having a hot woman in her bikini as a background to your squeeze page sucks okay. There is very bad conversions happening when you do that so you don’t want to do that.

    So testing different backgrounds that are related to the headlines. I made sure I was able
    to split test these pages and get bumps whenever the background made more sense and connected to the headline as well. So like one of my students actually once reported, I don’t remember the exact numbers so I won’t go into the exact numbers, but he reported something along the lines of 10 to 15% opt-in rates when he used an image of a house on water. And the deadline was saying something about. “Here is your new office and here is how to get it.” So basically by putting an image, by putting a picture in his prospect’s mind he was able to elicit a much higher opt-in rate.

    Okay so that is about it for now with the live questions we are receiving okay. And by the way I do appreciate everybody who is asking them, okay. I am really enjoying when the audience that I am communicating with is engaged and everybody who is posting these questions including Adam and Ed and Larry and everybody, I do appreciate that very much. So let me go back to my little question check list here.


    Alright so Brett asks, “I have heard scary stories about people who bought solo ads from vendors who sent the clicks to sites like [35:15 M-turk which is Mechanical turk] and if you don’t know what it is, it is basically where you pay pennies to people do things, so clicking links, clicking likes, getting views, refreshing your video cam and stuff like that. So, “I have heard a lot of scary stories about solo members using sites like that to get hits. How do you protect yourself from scammers like that? What are the questions you should ask before purchasing any solo ads?”

    Well that is another great question and yes you know lately the more people realize that solo ads is a great way to serve the marketplace and it is a great position to be in, because he who controls the traffic, controls the cash. Just like in the offline world, the guys controlling the oil have all the money right, I mean that is why a couple of years back America invaded Iraq to get the oil. So it is a great asset to have. So I mean traffic in your business is just as amazing of an asset and as profitable of an asset to have and to fight for as oil is to the offline world.

    So the more people realize that solo ads are an effective way to really build a sustainable lucrative business, the more you see scammers taking advantage. In fact I even got one guy who actually pretends to be me and actually goes around scamming people and selling them leads and clicks at outrageously low prices. So he, right now he is not as active because I have actually exposed him on a few public platforms, but the point is it is attracting attention right and so a lot of people take advantage.

    So what you can do with that is you can watch these giveaways as they call them okay. And I have actually done a whole training for that which you can find right here in the war room. Right here in the war room you can find a training I have done where I share all the lessons I learned about buying solo ads.

    In a nutshell what you can do is first off you only want to buy traffic from people with feedback and testimonials and a lot of it. If the guy or the girl you are buying from doesn’t have any feedback or their feedback only comes from other sellers, right, that is a dangerous little thing because if it only comes from other sellers it is likely it has come from ad swaps not solo ads and just exchanged feedback too. And a lot of times you will see a lot of fake testimonials too.

    So what you want to do is definitely go ahead and whoever you are considering buying from, you want to Google their name plus the term solo ad and if you are getting a lot of articles and mentions from this person, they are probably legit. But if you are not getting anything, neither positive or negative, that is a bad, bad, bad sign and I would advise you to stay away.

    Now you can also watch out for their prices okay. Anything below $0.40 to $0.50 a click, which in itself is a [38:21 borderline] price because usually that means that whoever the person is, they built the list strictly to sell solo ads and don’t even know how to monetize it in any other way unless of course the quality shows, anybody who sells traffic at those prices is partially suspected of fraud. I’m not saying that they are likely to be a fraud, they are probably not likely to but it is suspected that anything below that is fraud. Especially by the way if they promise you, they guarantee you 90% plus tier 1 traffic, because in my experience whenever anyone does that, that means they are using mobile traffic and that just doesn’t convert you know.

    You can also by the way to get a specific list of questions and more tips on how to avoid being scammed, you can go to my website at igorsoloads.com and then hit on the top right, you can hit how solo ads work link and you will be taken to a specific training message, prerecorded message that educates you about how to avoid being scammed with solo ads okay.


    Okay, alright, I see Dave, David Buffalo my good friend joined the call. Sorry I couldn’t, I did post about it on my timeline Dave, but sorry I couldn’t give you like a better heads up or anything.

    Alright so going back to the questions folks. We have got one from Adrian.

    Adrian is asking, “If you were starting over what would be the first thing you would set up?”

    Even though I did answer this question partially early on, I will answer it again. The first thing I would set up is my own sales funnel okay and the reason I would do that is because I would allow me to really build a self liquidating list. Here is what I mean. A lot of times people stop and they really don’t succeed and they give up on list building and traffic generation because they run out of money. And there is this big misconception out there that in order to build a list you must spend a lot of money first and hope for some reason to make money on the back end through your follow up sequence. And that you are supposedly not supposed to sell anything to your list and you can only attract the list through a freebie or a bait, some people call it bait which it really is.

    So what happens is, people run out of money. And so no matter how deep your pockets are, you will eventually run out of money for not making anything in return as you build the list. So what I discovered is that by building a sales funnel with my own offer, and preferably more than one, having an up-sell or two in the process, of course giving ten times the value for every dollar my customers invested with me, I was able to build a self [41:46 _] list where sometimes I would bring 50% of my money back, sometimes 80% of my money back, and sometimes bring all back and then some. And so eventually I tweaked the system to a point where at the end of the month on average I was making almost all of it back and that means I could reinvest the same money over and over again into my business.

    Now if I had this going on for me when I was getting started, by now already I would be bigger than life, by now I would be huge, I would be out there probably giving seminars and speaking on stage like Tony Robbins. But you know for the first three and a half years in my business I made a big fat zero. And the reason I made that much is because I didn’t have my own product, I didn’t have my own sales funnel, I didn’t know how to write copy, and I didn’t know how to sell anything. And the moment I learned how to do these things, this is where people started giving me money, they started approaching me to do interviews with me, people started paying attention to me and thinking that I am an expert, even though at the time I only knew a bit more than the average guy. And eventually it also led to me being able to start my own coaching program which in itself became this big project which exploded and brought in more publicity.

    So if I can put the package all into one big box and trace back the success to one thing, that was creating my very first sales funnel that allowed me to start making the list a little bit of money every single day. So I basically went from making no money at all, to making as much as $10 to $30 a day. And then I tweaked it a little bit, added an up-sell, then I was making $50 a day. Not long from that I was making $100 a day and then it just exploded because I started rinsing, repeating, rinsing, repeating and eventually like I showed you before, I started doing my own affiliate programs. I even started, re-launched the very first product I created and called it, Instant List Building Formula, which by the way is one of the [43:56 Fletcher] products of mine and I am sure there is quite a few people on this call who own it probably if they have been following me.

    And so when I launched that product, tweaked and improved, we sold thousands of copies and I made tens of thousands of dollars. My business literally exploded in every single direction again all thanks to this one ability of mine to create sales funnels, to create offers that make sense to people where they are willing to give me money in exchange for value. And usually what I try to do, my rule of thumb is to give 10x for what they paid. So $1 gets $10 as long as they implement it because we are talking about information products.


    Alright so let me focus a bit on this question that I just received from Calvin which is a very interesting question and it says, “When one starts from scratch would you recommend going with his passion or going to MMOIM (which is make money online/internet marketing)?”

    Well that is a very interesting question. And just like me I’m guessing a lot of you guys out there are self help buffs and we all love to watch these interviews with the greats of our time like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and [45:20 Will Smith?] and what not. And so what Steve Jobs once said in one of his interviews is that you have to really be passionate about what you do so it doesn’t feel like work.

    I only do that partially okay because we don’t get paid for something we enjoy doing. Because to be honest what I enjoy doing the most is I really enjoy playing X-Box with my assistant and kicking his ass in FIFA. I could do that all day long. I also enjoy spending some time with my daughter, but nobody will pay me to do that either okay. So I recommend going into a market that actually has money in it okay. A market that allows you to profit if you will. A market that has customers in it, a market that has customers that want to spend money in it. So a market such as golf or real estate investments, weight loss, dating, IMMIL, Biz up, MLM, self help, these are the markets to go to okay. And if your passion is to make market, MML/IM will also be your passion.

    I personally have never done any work, literally, I have never stepped my foot out of the internet marketing space. Why? Well I just never felt I needed to. This market has plenty of money to go around. It is rich with customers. It also has great customers that I have a lot in common with. So for example when someone joins my coaching program which means they have private access to me and so they become part of my life, and we get to chat a lot and talk a lot and connect on a whole other level, I find myself that I talk about marketing 90% of the time. That is all I talk about because I am passionate about that stuff.
    So if you are getting into the internet marketing space just to make money and that is not really your passion, well then I do recommend you go for the market that has the most money in it. Usually that means going to the market where there is fierce competition and that is how we tell if there is any money right, if you have got a lot of activity happening.

    And usually people are afraid of that by the way. Usually people think if the market is full of competition there is no money to be made because there is competition. Well, the thing is that the most competitive marketplaces are the richest ones and if they are making money you can quickly step in and ride the same wave so to speak.

    Okay. Well Calvin if you are in the weight loss market and it is making you money, stay in the weight loss market and do something in the personal development which is your passion just for the sake of doing your passion thing, but just remember you are in business, you are doing this, you are in the internet marketing space, you are trying to work from home or working from full time because you need to make money. You are not doing it for fun, you are not doing it to please anybody, you are here because you want to quit your day job, you want to make a living and that is only possible if you make money when you make a profit in your business and that is what matters first and foremost okay.

    I ignored this truth for years before I finally realized it, and I wish I didn’t because I really focused on the wrong false-metrics. I actually, not many people know this but I blogged for about eight months. I quit my day job and I diligently posted to my blog unique content, unique articles, I really put my heart and soul into that thing and I built it, and I built it, and I built it. I got it up to the level of about 200 unique visitors a day. Our page ranked four which at the time to me was a great achievement, I was ranking really well but I couldn’t sell anything okay. And I was really trying to sell. I mean I was trying to sell in a wussy kind of way, but I wasn’t focused on the profits and I wasn’t measuring my success based on the profits.

    Today what happens in my business is I am looking at the bottom line and I am saying, “Okay we made this much last month. Today we are here. How come today, the same day last month, we made more. How come right now we are down? We have got to do something to make those sales go up.” That is the operating belief in my business right now. Profit is first, passion is second. If you can combine two like it happened for me, I am passionate about marketing, influence, copywriting, great because I just fell in love with that stuff, I just feel that is me you know. And this is what I am trying to instill in my clients too but maybe it is not for everybody. So if that is your passion do it second, but do something that pays you first.


    Okay. I have got my buddy Anwar Schwarz on the chat and he is demanding to know how my subject line with 1000% falls into his inbox. Well you know only the email gods know that my friend, only the email gods.

    Okay let me go back to a few more questions here.


    Oh great here is an interesting question that I feel qualified to answer for you since I have been labeled as Mr. Solo ad on many occasions.

    “How fast could someone go from zero to $5000 a month from scratch, by selling solo ads?”

    Well the first thing I have got to say, a disclaimer, I don’t know because I don’t know you, I don’t know your present level of experience or lack thereof. I certainly can’t predict your results. I wish I had a crystal ball that I can look into and tell you but I don’t have one, although if you have got one you can sell to me, drop me an email and let me know right away.

    But what I do know is what I have helped others achieve and so, well selling solo ads in itself is very easy, if you have got a list basically you can go and sell solo ads. It is really not that hard to do but the challenge most people are experiencing is building a list in a way where it grows and allows you to sell solo ads on a frequent basis right, and this is the tricky part, this is actually what I coach intensively in my coaching program after I introduce my students to a couple of key concepts including the sales funnel which allows that to happen.

    But what I was able to achieve, and what I was able to help my students achieve is my client Bill Winters went from $0 to $3,000 a month in exactly 90 days and then he went to $7,000 a month in the next 30 days. So it took him from $0 to $7,000 in 120 days right where by the day 120 was only selling some solo ads.

    Another client of mine David Decker from Toronto, Canada who some of you might have seen because I have been advertizing his case study a lot, right here in the forum as well, he went from $0 to $16,800 in 90 days and I think out of those there was $7,000 net profit, starting from scratch, after traffic expenses and coaching expenses (he of course paid me for the coaching) so he was in the net profit of $7,000 after all that, after just 90 days. He built a list of 11,900 people as well as another 1,000 buyers on his list which in itself like I said many times before is an amazing asset to have in your business. On average, this is the common belief that one buyer is worth to you 10x of the common subscriber. To me one buyer is actually worth 100x because we take the relationship with our buyers to a whole different level.

    Okay. Right so hopefully that answers your question. I have got other key studies you can check out by visiting the Warrior Forum classified section, looking up my coaching program, or you can go to Google and Google the best mentoring on the entire Warrior Forum. You Google that, you will find my coaching program and you will find plenty of case studies of people using solo ads as a traffic source and of course then also becoming either part time or full time solo providers through my strategies and the results they have achieved in how fast they did it, okay.


    Alright so I have a question here from John. “Were you a coach before you made it in IM or learned everything yourself?”

    Well John I pretty much, I was a hungry, I was devouring anything. Any course I could find I went ahead and got it. By the way because I was really really broke okay and I was a penny pincher so I put as much money as I could into my Paypal account so I could buy a [54:59 PPV] campaign, or a battery campaign or whatever. I actually signed up to one of the [55:06 Blackhead] sites and I downloaded as many courses as I possibly could, and I spent days and nights reading books, watching courses and seminars, DVD’s. I pretty much just locked myself in my room in my little bedroom in my parent’s house and watched, watched, consume, consume, consume until I was blue in the face. However the real breakthrough did not really find me, or should I say I found it, until I started working with the coach. And at the time I was still not making much, I was only making between $500 to $700 a month with a little bit of affiliate marketing, a little bit of my own products, so just getting started, getting some results. And I felt like I hit a glass ceiling. So I went out there I found a coach whose name is Jayson Benoit. Many of you know Jayson if you have ever looked into a software called quality click control or software called fast funnels, or you may have purchased solo ads from Jayson yourself because he used to sell them. I don’t think he is anymore but he used to sell them. And Jayson basically showed me a few key concepts that were missing and I skyrocketed forward.

    So from the moment starting with Jayson and making just a small part time income from home I actually skyrocketed to $10,000 a month over the next six months. I went ahead and took that to $15,000 per month in the next six months and I doubled that within the next year. So that was a very quick explosion of cash flow in my business but it came after a very long and tedious period of me struggling through and going through hell pretty much on a daily basis, switching jobs, being unemployed, getting two jobs at the same time like I said with the chemical facility with the plant, basically just doing everything I could. But it wasn’t until I got a mentor, it wasn’t until I got somebody who knew more than I did and who was willing to share that with me, honestly share with me not holding anything back and basically just giving it to me and saying, “Now you take it and you do it.” It isn’t until then that I really exploded.

    Okay, alrighty, let me look into some of the other questions we have got here.


    Okay here is a question from John.

    “Where can you find the best solo ad sales with quality traffic? Any communities you can suggest please apart from safe swaps which according to my experience doesn’t have quality traffic in most cases. Thanks.”

    Okay well that is a very good question indeed and again as a solo ad expert if you will, I definitely feel qualified to share my opinion on this one and again the following is my opinion okay.

    Unfortunately my experience with safe swaps has been exactly the same as yours John and I find that their rating system really isn’t truthful because what happens for the most part is people simply exchange positive ratings even if their experience is kind of bad. And what I mean by that is, I actually was there once and I swapped with a great marketer that I actually respected until that moment, his name was John. I’m not going to reveal his last name. And John approached me and he said, “Igor what kind of crap did you send me?”
    I’m like, “What happened?”

    And he was like, “The traffic you sent me didn’t convert for anything. I didn’t make any sales and my opt-in rate was crap, so this was a crap swap.”

    I said, “Okay well John I’m sorry, but I guess it happens sometimes, you know, nobody is perfect.”

    And he said, “Well look I don’t mean to cause any fuss or trouble so what I am going to do is I am going to leave you a positive rating on your profile as long as you do the same for me.”

    To which I of course said, “Of course, sure, I’m going to do it.” And we exchanged positive ratings even though the experience really wasn’t positive at all. So from that point forward I simply resigned from safe swaps and I never use it as a platform to buy traffic or to find swap partners or anything like that.

    So at this point what I do recommend, there are three places I recommend. First off being the warrior forum classifieds. It is a great place to go. You get an open forum of people actually going there and posting their honest reviews and opinions. And as we know the Warrior Forum has not always been the most positive place in the world but for the most part if the guy gets one or two negative reviews and mostly it is positive, you can go ahead and do business with him. But in my Warrior Forum thread I got over 800, 700 testimonials from people but there is one or two bad ones for sure, but they are buried in page 5 or page 10 so you can’t really see them. But at least it is honest at least you have got people sharing their honest opinion and honest results about what is going on it is not just a rating system where people exchange ratings.

    Another place I recommend going to is Reid Floren solo ad directory and you can Google that. Reed Floren Solo Ad directory. Reed Floren by the way is another well respected lawyer. He actually just launched a WSO just a few weeks ago. So he has his own solo ad directory which he built, where he shared results of the traffic that he ran with different marketers and solo providers. And usually if the guy is listed in his directory and the guy is on the Warrior Forum that usually gives you great indication that the guy is legit and you can do business with him.

    And last but not least another place that I do recommend which is, there is a special Facebook group that I started where I keep things very, very clean and a lot of people I know who have great traffic to advertize on. It is my own private Facebook group which you can find if you go to Facebook.com/groups/soloaddirectory. So you basically go there, hit “Apply” and once you do make sure you either drop me a Warrior Forum message or a Facebook message, but I am sure there are a lot of you guys who have me on Facebook, if you don’t; just find me, you know it is not that hard. And drop me a message and say that you have been to this webinar and that you want to get in because I will usually not approve people I don’t know who want to get into that group because I don’t know. You know as a rule if I let people I don’t know get in for any reason end up spamming people with some opportunity or some crappy questionable click offers and stuff like that so I don’t want to do that. And therefore I am very cautious who I approve and let into the group.

    Now I am all for creating a very legit and a very safe marketplace just like the Warrior Forum has been where your satisfaction and your safety has always been priority for the forum owners and moderators. And it hasn’t changed and has only increased and improved ever since the new Freelancer team stepped in. And so my agenda is the same as that group of course, but I do need to know that you have been to this webinar, that you have been to this stream and well you just want to get in to buy your traffic.

    Or, of course if you want to sell traffic there as well feel free to let me know and I will get you in as long as you are legit and you can prove that right. So if you can send me testimonials, if you can send me referrals, I am all for getting you in. The group is only about 300 big with about 50 or so being sellers and the rest being buyers, so this is a really good place for sellers, as well as buyers. And again I am more happy keeping it that way because the more people that keep it that way the better the community is after all.


    Okay so I am just going to do one more question from the preexisting questions and then I am going to move onto the questions we are receiving live for a bit more.

    Okay, here is an interesting question, “How do you make money with the solo ads in addition to building your list?”

    Well it is a bit of a confusing question to me, from Helene, because I don’t quite get it.

    When you buy solo ads, solo ads are just like any other traffic source right. Solo ads are designed to drive qualified people to your opt-in page or to your offer, so you can make sales, so you can make money, so you can build your list.

    Now if you are asking Helene if you can make money in the process, yes you can, you do it through the sales funnel concept and the self liquidating and list building concepts I explained earlier in the call. So if you are watching this right now and haven’t seen that part, just go ahead and log into the war room once we are done here, and Alaister is going to upload the recording. Or you can skip all of that and just apply for my coaching which again is right here in the forum, I am sure you can find it in the classified ad section; it is all over the place. But the point is you should be making money as you build your list. If not all the money back that you are investing into your advertizing, then at least a hefty portion of it and then of course once you have got the list going, you have a vast area of options to choose from. Promoting CPA offers is one of them. There is actually a lot of CPA offers you can promote which you can get at clicksure.com, offervault.com, cashnetwork.com, TGBA.com. There is quite a few websites that you can go there and get offers to promote to your list while they pay you per opt-in or per click. For the most part they pay you per opt-in.

    And so this is the CPA model, cost per action. You get an action happening, you get paid, you don’t even have to sell anything. For most people that is a big win, because as you know many lists out there for obvious reasons are low quality. So people use CPA offers to try and recoup their money back. In fact I will tell you this, there is a lot of people out there who use that method to build their list to sell solo ads which in itself creates a very low quality list to be honest but they do it. And they are able to make like 20% of their money back, or 30% of their money back on each and every solo ad that they purchase, which isn’t that great and doesn’t build any relationship, in fact only ruins the relationship and I don’t really recommend doing that at all. But some people do that which means there is some money to be made in CPA which you can leverage as a side income stream.

    Another thing you can do is sell affiliate products, but that is only something you want to do when you have a buyer list. If you don’t have a buyer list you are going to have a very hard time trying to convert freebie seekers into affiliate sales. You will have to get super creative, and have super bonuses, but the response will never be the same as from a buyer list.

    Therefore going back to the first thing I recommended when I stepped into this live stream, your own product, your own offer, your own sales funnel, your own customer base; then you can bring in affiliate products just like guys like Andre Chaperon are doing. Andre Chaperon got a very cool little list of just about 2,000, 3,000 people right, customers, and he is able to dominate leader boards. On the most watch that Mike Filsame and Andy Jenkins, Traffic Genesis, I believe Andre was one of the leading contenders to claim the prize with his tiny little list, because he had customers, he had a tribe of people who were listening to him.

    And that is what is going to build your business. This is where the sustainability and the long term profitability of your business comes from; your customers. This is your greatest asset and avoiding building one is by far and away the costliest mistake you can ever make.

    Okay so that is about it as far as the pre questions we received in the pre launch stage of this stream.


    Okay so I am going to go ahead and have one more.

    Actually guys before I dive into more questions, I know that a lot of gurus out there, they seem unapproachable. They seem kind of too big, like with their noses stuck up. I assure you I don’t even see myself as a guru and I feel as much connected to the Warrior Forum community as I ever was, in fact if not more because I am more active in it today then I was back in the day.

    So don’t hesitate to befriend me on Facebook and follow me on Facebook on my fan page as well. And again you can just Google that, Igor Kheifets Facebook and you will find plenty of information. So don’t be shy to knock on my door and start a conversation. Obviously my priority goes to my coaching clients, they get the priority but I don’t bite. So just saying, I am protective of my time but saying hi is never a bad thing. So feel free to drop me a message on Facebook and befriend me and then follow me around because there is a lot of great stuff that I share on my Facebook pages as well.


    Okay let’s see what we have got here. “Do you or anyone recommend someone who sells solo ads in the weight loss niche?”

    You can go to dedicatedemails.com and these guys have a list for almost anything. You can also go to ArcaMax.com and these guys have lists for almost anything too. I am pretty sure you can go to the Warrior Forum JV section of the forum and there is people looking for ad swaps for Forex and weight loss and dating lists, so they will sell you solos gladly. And there is also one more website that is just getting started launched by a big marketer [ 01:10:41 Anaxen Gull] and it is called Clickonomy.com and on it you have got personal development solo ads, weight loss solo ads, dating solo ads, IM solo ads. So you have got plenty of that. So hopefully that helps.


    Okay, we have got a question here from WorkfromHomeMamaw, I believe that is the right pronunciation. The question says, “Would you venture in your coaching program to recommend what IM program the client should use?” So in other words would you promote an affiliate link to a useful product if you are coaching somebody?

    By all means, by all means do. And I do it occasionally in my own coaching program although not too often but I do it if I see a new product being released. For example if I see Matt Bacak releasing a Rolodex of solo vendors, a brand new one where he really shows results from people. I will go ahead and send them the affiliate link for that to my coaching products because they can benefit from it and it is only $10 which is peanuts. So most definitely, yeah, most definitely, but don’t do it too often. If you abuse it, it is not going to look good on you.


    Alright we have got our question from Jason. “Do you give your students a PLR sales funnel or do you help them make their own product?”

    Well actually I force my students to make their own sales funnels and their own products, because that is the only way to do it. Using other people’s sales funnels usually results in very low conversions unless that sales funnel has been created uniquely for you by a professional copywriter. That usually gets you much better results but if it is a PLR sales funnel, for example here on the Warrior Forum I see people sell them for $90. I personally feel that is a waste of money and I have seen people buy advertizing to such funnels and get very pathetic results to be honest.


    Okay another great question that we are getting here is, “Igor in your experience what works best, email only or email plus name when it comes to solo ad?” In other words the question is, on the squeeze page do you request name and email or email only?

    Usually I request email only for two reasons. First off everybody knows that whenever you email them and include their name in the email, it is just a piece of code, the personalization thing doesn’t quite excite people, it doesn’t wow them as much as it used to. And second, if I don’t request the name, I usually get a higher opt-in rate. Usually it is because people are not really happy sharing information online, so the less you try to collect, the higher percentage you will get.


    Okay just scrolling through some questions here. By the way folks a lot of these questions that you guys are asking have already been answered on this call so I just don’t want to go over the same thing, over and over again.

    Well here is a great question, and I think that is going to be the last one for today because it is getting late over here, 6:15pm and I have got to take my wife and daughter out, I have actually got commitments here.

    So basically, “Igor what is your opinion on two step opt-in? Have you tested if it converts better?”

    I am assuming that a two step opt-in is a confirmed opt-in right, so when you get someone to opt-in to your list and you also send them an email where you say, “Hey this is me. You have just opted-in to my list, I just need you to click this link to confirm the email.”

    Well I personally use single opt-in both in my buyer lists and my non buyer lists because that is just what converts better for me. And like I shared before, I do measure success by dollars in the bank. So whenever I use a single opt-in funnel versus a double opt-in funnel, I just plain and simple make more money.

    As far as email open rates go, they are pretty much the same because so it happens that about 50 to 60% of people on average who you would ask to confirm their email, they don’t, they are too lazy for that. And sure you can get more compliance by offering them a bribe. But the most I have gotten out of this and I actually tested this when I was with Get Response and still doing blogging, I was actually building a list from my blog and I built a list over 1,000 subscribers, 1,000 double opt-in subscribers using nothing but blogging, and that list was completely dead even though it was a double opt-in one.

    But then I moved to [01:16:47 eight numbers] started using single opt-in based on recommendation I picked up from Ryan Deiss’s streaming product called The Ultimate List Building, which is an old, old, very old product, I don’t think it is even available for sale anymore. And I started making more money and I noticed that my email open rates and click through rates didn’t really change. I mean they dropped a bit, but not something to write home about. So I was making more money and my response was the same. I stuck with it and to date, quite a few who don’t have [01:17:17 _] or so, I am still here, so as far as I am concerned, single opt-in all the way.

    So yeah that is about it. I think it was a very cool nifty little stream.

    Another thing I want to say is one more thanks to everybody who came. Like I shared before this is my first one, I have never done anything like that. I was never just sitting here in front of a live audience like this, uncensored, wide open, so I was really nervous before coming on this call but Alaister made it very easy for me so you guys were very easy on me as well so thank you for that.

    Guys thank you again so much for coming and if you want to learn anything more about myself or my coaching program where I help people or my traffic services right, all you have to do is just Google my name and type in either, Igor Kheifets Coaching, or Igor Kheifets solo ads. Or, just look me up on the Warrior Forum, you can usually see a lot of my threads on the Warrior Forum classifieds section in the Warrior Forum special offers and the battle ads as well on the top.

    So basically I just wanted to thank you so much again for giving me this opportunity Alaister. And guys thank you so much for tuning in and asking these great questions. And I will see you around, I will see you around the forum. So see you guys, thank you, bye bye.

    [End Recording 01:19:09]
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    • Thank you for the information, I am new to this forum and to internet sales and this is one of the first things I have read. I look forward to learning more. I will definitely be checking out your FB page.

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    Now this is exciting. A home grown success!

    Looking forward to your WAMA Igor.

    Thanks Alaister For making this happen.

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    Very nice. I love what Igor do with list building. He's truly an expert.
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  • Profile picture of the author sbucciarel
    Sounds very interesting ... someone from the WF that I've wondered about and seen around the WSO forum a lot.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9338558].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Matt Poc
    Looking forward to this. Igor always shares some great gold nuggets.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9339518].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author C G
    I've been following Igor for a few years now.

    Looking forward to this.


    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9339581].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author nelio26
    This is great. Congrats Igor!

    I know for a fact that you are going to blow people's minds away on the Webinar!

    ***FREE TRAINING*** Limited Time!
    "How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online" Access FREE Training Here!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9339864].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author fastflyer
    This is ONE guy that I have worked with closely and seen climb the success ladder so fast, it's nothing short of crazy. Igor walks the talks and I am 110% sure that EVERYBODY on this WAMA will be absolutely stoked.

    You ROCK bro!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9340221].message }}
  • Excellent! I look forward to this as Igor is variously referred as the Solo Ads guy!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9340327].message }}
  • {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9340491].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author counzila
    Every Warrior Need This
    Help You- Hint: Your Online Asset Here
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9340878].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author myfab
      i can't wait to build my fortune like you Igor,
      I will be honored to be your student ,just spill the dollar and teach us the real thing we need to know,
      God bless you
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9341191].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Pritom
        I am the lifetime buyer from Igor. Great solo seller.
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[10708199].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author BlackGirl
    I'll be tuning in.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9341269].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Barin
      Igor is awesome. I have no doubt that this will be full of golden nuggets.

      Can't wait for this one!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9341562].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Rolltide0804
    Thanks Igor! Wow! To say I am " Super Excited" is an understatement. Being a 100% newbie and the "bottom man" in the totem pole of knowledge , I for one can only Gratefully acknowledge your sharing attitude. If circumstances and finances permit, I would like to become one of your student. Have wasted time and my "limited $ resources" on many shiny WSO's and other " Various Internet Guru based offerings" the last 18 months with nothing to show for it but "mass confusion" & "frustration" on my part. Hopefully, all of that is about to change via this Epic Event. Igor, May the Good Lord Bless you. Peace, Prosperity & Happiness . With Sincere Humble Gratitude.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9341565].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
      Originally Posted by Rolltide0804 View Post

      Thanks Igor! Wow! To say I am " Super Excited" is an understatement. Being a 100% newbie and the "bottom man" in the totem pole of knowledge , I for one can only Gratefully acknowledge your sharing attitude. If circumstances and finances permit, I would like to become one of your student. Have wasted time and my "limited $ resources" on many shiny WSO's and other " Various Internet Guru based offerings" the last 18 months with nothing to show for it but "mass confusion" & "frustration" on my part. Hopefully, all of that is about to change via this Epic Event. Igor, May the Good Lord Bless you. Peace, Prosperity & Happiness . With Sincere Humble Gratitude.
      Hey Rolltide,

      Appreciate the enthusiasm.

      I wouldn't however, put all my hopes into a single training event.

      It will serve as a great launch pad to your success, but it won't be a life-changer, in spite what you might be thinking right now.

      In fact, no "product" or "training" ever is.

      Online success is about a long-term energy investment, dedicated and commitment, where over time you hone your skill set and when you're ready, you burst. The flood gates open AFTER you've grown through ongoing training.

      Think about it this way.

      It's impossible to get a six pack by going to the GYM once a week for 5 hours.

      But... It's likely to happen if you consistently go to the GYM for an hour every day.

      Consistency is key.

      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9342284].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Rolltide0804
        Hey Igor,

        Gratefully acknowledge your message/comments/guidance. Thank you for telling it the way it is! I appreciate that candor. All of your comments are duly noted and taken to heart . Looking forward to your presentation.

        Hoping fervently, it will point me in the "right direction" of consistency. As mentioned earlier, in retrospect , the last 18 months has been a comedy of errors. Lol -It must be the "newbie sign" on my forehead that allows for easy targeting by the "gurus" for their upsell/downsell/lateral sell/ membership & mentoring programs that I "consistently" found myself involved with

        Lesson learned and all that more resilient because of that! Onward to better set of teachers/guide and mentors! Thanks again with Sincere Gratitude.
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9342441].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author keithkeenan
    Igor- Thank you for generously helping those of us who are just starting out on this fantastic journey.

    Keith Keenan
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9343016].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Wong
    Hey Igor,

    I am always a SEO and PPC guy and never had the interest to look into solo-ads. But after going through your sales pages and see the testimonials of your students, I feel like giving it a try (now is not the time yet, still working on a project.. have to prevent 'next shiny object' syndrome).

    I'll book a coaching session from you once I am ready to invest 100% in learning solo ads. And thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on Warrior forum!

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9343463].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author JensSteyaert
    Alright Igor! Schedule your agenda people because this is going to be great!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9343807].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Jerry Higgins
    Hey Igor....

    Thanks for holding this webinar as it sounds pretty interesting.

    I have registered but have yet to receive any type of confirmation email with a link to the webinar. How do we attend? Am I missing something?

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9344539].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      Originally Posted by Jerry Higgins View Post

      Hey Igor....

      Thanks for holding this webinar as it sounds pretty interesting.

      I have registered but have yet to receive any type of confirmation email with a link to the webinar. How do we attend? Am I missing something?

      Hi Jerry,

      I'll send you an email once the WAMA live stream is live.
      Make sure you come back here at 10am Thursday 10th July EST/EDT. The link to the live stream will be published here.

      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9344562].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Italspliff
    I dont understand how to get access to the live casting? Where is the link to the live show???
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9345671].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author xploit
    Looking forward to this

    When starting out, is it advisable to try and make your name your brand? I've had my-name.net for a while now but 'my name service' ranks page 1, 'my name' doesnt, shouldnt worry too much about this yeah?

    Also not started building a list yet - will get onto it asap

    Latest site I am working on: Devsters Forums
    To check out my personal blog - just head over to Martin Evans.net :)

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9345760].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jasiowroc
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9345790].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Rolltide0804

      Many thanks for your live stream broadcast. Took lots of notes. Being a newbie, there is a lot to learn. I am determined and when time/circumstance/finances allow , I am going to apply to join your coaching program. Only time will tell, whether I get accepted or not !

      In the meantime, I will start working on the "many, many" good tips that you so kindly gave during your live stream. Thank you again. God Bless and with Sincere Gratitude.
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346067].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author dm101
        Originally Posted by Rolltide0804 View Post


        Many thanks for your live stream broadcast. Took lots of notes. Being a newbie, there is a lot to learn. I am determined and when time/circumstance/finances allow , I am going to apply to join your coaching program. Only time will tell, whether I get accepted or not !

        In the meantime, I will start working on the "many, many" good tips that you so kindly gave during your live stream. Thank you again. God Bless and with Sincere Gratitude.
        Remember what Igor taught today... First, build a sales funnel (doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate, nor does it need to take a ton of time). Then, just do a small buy for a solo ad. It may convert well, or not, but from that point on you're "in business" and will work every day on improving your results.

        Co-Founder of the Whirlwind Success "VIP Club"... personal coaching for IMers and bloggers.

        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346507].message }}
        • Profile picture of the author Rolltide0804
          Originally Posted by dm101 View Post

          Remember what Igor taught today... First, build a sales funnel (doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate, nor does it need to take a ton of time). Then, just do a small buy for a solo ad. It may convert well, or not, but from that point on you're "in business" and will work every day on improving your results.
          Gratefully acknowledged. Thank you for your kind guidance. It is most appreciated. I am "determined" to get this off the ground . So I have started taking action (albeit small ones as suggested by Igor & also pointed out by you). With Sincere Gratitude.
          {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346540].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author doleacfred
    Where's the link?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9345831].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
    You guys couldn't tell but I forgot to turn the air con on and it was like 36C in my home office, lol


    Thank you so much for attending and asking some SMART questions.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346051].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      Originally Posted by igorhelpsyousucceed View Post

      You guys couldn't tell but I forgot to turn the air con on and it was like 36C in my home office, lol


      Thank you so much for attending and asking some SMART questions.

      Thank you for the great WAMA event Igor!
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346059].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author dm101
    Is there a link for the replay? I attended, and it was so good, but I had to miss 20 minutes in the middle Great job, Igor, lots of really good info you shared. Thanks

    Co-Founder of the Whirlwind Success "VIP Club"... personal coaching for IMers and bloggers.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346056].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      Originally Posted by dm101 View Post

      Is there a link for the replay? I attended, and it was so good, but I had to miss 20 minutes in the middle Great job, Igor, lots of really good info you shared. Thanks
      Hi there,

      Yes we will be uploading the recording to the War Room.
      You're able to watch all of the recordings of our previous WAMA events there too.

      You can learn more about the War Room here:

      War Room - Warrior Forum
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9346062].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
    Many thanks to everyone who grabbed a live seat at the event, I personally had a blast answering all the questions. Happy to do it again soon!

    I've also received quiet a few questions about my coaching program which I decided not to focus on on the call since I really wanted to make the most time out of it for you guys rather than indulge in self promotion.

    So if anyone's still wondering where they can learn more about the program thats changing lives, please visit:

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9348108].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Elion Makkink
    Would love to watch the replay, will it be posted anytime soon?

    Elion Makkink

    SEO & Content Marketing Consultant

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9351339].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Max Anderson
    Are you also open to questions regarding business practices and a certein Oleg that shares your last name?

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9352065].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
    Hey Max, since the WAMA is over I'm no longer open to questions and won't be checking in with this thread often.

    As far as other people sharing my last name...

    I don't claim to have all the answers, but Kheifets is a pretty popular last name here in Israel, tons of Kheifets' walking around the Holy Land. Also, ever since the word about my success got around, I've seen a ton of copy cats trying to leverage my last name to make money for themselves.

    That includes this one guy from Philippines who pretends to be me going around selling leads to people and running away with their money. His Skype id is 'igor.khefets' (my real Skype id: igor.kheifets) and he has scammed a ton of people. I also warn my clients about him on my solo ad page Igor Kheifets' Legendary Solo Ads -- 900+ Satisfied Customer Can't Be Wrong!

    So, to answer your question, if there's someone out there leveraging my last name/my first name or both - that's just the way some people are. Just like there's people try to use Paypal to hack inboxes or how there's look-alikes, who make their living pretending to be pop stars (Michael Jackson, Elvis, etc)

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9352921].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author rihan123
    is there a replay?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9362547].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mbacak
      Originally Posted by rihan123 View Post

      is there a replay?
      They put them up in the war room.

      Originally Posted by Alaister View Post

      Hi there,

      Yes we will be uploading the recording to the War Room.
      You're able to watch all of the recordings of our previous WAMA events there too.

      You can learn more about the War Room here:

      War Room - Warrior Forum
      The Listbuilding Club (join by clicking below)
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9363344].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Lance K
        Alaister, any idea when this replay will be available in the War Room? Thanks.
        "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
        ~ Zig Ziglar
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9377308].message }}
        • Profile picture of the author agmccall
          Originally Posted by Lance K View Post

          Alaister, any idea when this replay will be available in the War Room? Thanks.
          I was just going to ask the same thing, it should be there by now


          Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
          ~Jack Handey~

          {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9377452].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Sarevok
    Yeah man I can't wait to see what Igor has for us
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9378005].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Phantom309
    Ditto, Really want to hear what Igor had to say.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9378113].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author johannemcleod
    I am eager to hear it from Igor too! please..
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9378280].message }}
  • Congrats. Journey to a 1K miles starts with the 1st step.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9385346].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author aryanshah
    This is Great. A home grown success!

    Looking forward to your WAMA. Replay If there is........?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9396627].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author davidverney
    Do you recommend that I use only Warrior, or other forums too?
    Twitter: @DaveVerney

    Learn to Build The Facebook Fan Pages You Have Always Wanted - Click Here
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9442531].message }}
  • {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9442628].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author snakeyes37
      Originally Posted by igorhelpsyousucceed View Post

      Is there any other forums besides the WarriorForum that match it in size and activity?
      What about better networker?
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9453123].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author MasNuri
    This is great Igor . .. woow !!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9462174].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author ShandieWilson
    What a moment! So excited! Waiting for it! In Admission-service.com you can do anything you need.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9494115].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author info126
    Is that live stream recorded? I hope to be able to view the recorded session if possible.

    Secondly, is there any upcoming WAMA?
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9507029].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author brayinlee
    Good Start :
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9509778].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author chillking
    Hello I would like to ask you do you know if their is any one offering powerful news paper posts from domains with a DA of 65+ on this Warrior forum or do you know of any one else that can offer this type of service, I need a do follow backlink also I can pay up to $500 for a single post thank you.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9523967].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author SDsurfer
    Super stoked on this!
    Internet Marketing Professional because I just want to SURF. http://32solo.co/warrior
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9545739].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author shinnguyen1012
    Wow, So amazing, so glad to your share
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9603241].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author bluebrain
    You truly are a WF celebrity Igor
    Mine crypto coins not using graphics cards but by building gold mines in an online strategy game???
    [EASY $100 a month] How to make money playing GoldenTowns
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9605754].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author khansaccounts
    Great this is very good information you share it will help us to make us perfect in our business

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    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[9703670].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author maxsi
    Wooow PRETTY GOOD stuff Igor. Thanks a lot for the content, actually I use super-targeted subdomains to get good free traffic from search engines
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  • Profile picture of the author mmaker
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[10125886].message }}

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