EXPLODE your blog's link earning and traffic generating power with this ONE SIMPLE TRICK

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Anyone can produce text-heavy blog posts. With enough time and focus, you can create a resource-heavy useful and insightful blog post. Sadly, this is hardly enough. Remember, there are over 2 million pieces of content PRODUCED EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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Even if most of that content is junk, there is still enough GOOD content left over. Good content like yours. Your stuff is simply not going to catch up. You need to STAND OUT if you want to succeed with your blog posts.

There is ONE SIMPLE trick you can use. What trick is this? Use a PICTURE!

That's right, a diagram, infographic, or other graphical device helps your blog posts look better and, more importantly, READ BETTER. Blog posts with pictures are easier to scan and process. The more your readers process your content, the higher the chance they'll click on an ad, spread the word about your site, or bookmark you.

Compare this EXCELLENT post with NO pictures
How To Earn Backlinks For Rare Niches | The eTail Blog

To this EXCELLENT post WITH pictures
Viral Marketing Case Study: How a Brand New Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors In One Day Notice that the pictures are, for the most part, dressed up text.

Both have EXCELLENT content. But if you run those urls through TOPSY, you'll notice that the one in the bottom gets more SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE.

Picture-powered blog posts work better. The second site mentioned above gets more traffic (measured via Alexa) and more social media love (measured by Quicksprout). Also, the second site above has a higher PR. By all measures, using PICTURE-POWERED posts can make your blog STAND OUT-especially if you are going to be using social media outreach.

Start using the power of picture-driven blog posts today.
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