Are YOU a Wantrepreneur?

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While we're on this journey of building a business or businesses online we might find ourselves putting too much effort in the wrong places. For example; building or writing a product that we hope someone will find useful.

However if you are doing all the "required" work for Internet Marketing and not making any sales or getting any growth, you might be a wantrepreneur.

Sounds harsh, I know, no one likes being called that. Essentially what it means is that you want to build a business and basically just hope it all comes together.

It's time to change hope into proof.

...with a little technique known as "Minimum Viable Product" or validation, for short.

Instead of writing the ebook or building the product, setting up the auto-responder and tweaking the sales funnel, you should act like it's all magically been done for you.

The truth is no one is excited to sign up for your product, pay for your product or download it. Those are all actions that take place online anyways. No one is thinking, I love logging into Facebook or writing this status was so easy.

What I mean is: don't build a system to support something no one said they wanted.

That is why you need to validate your ideas without no money and no complicated sales funnel. Just present the idea to the right audience; they will tell you and show they give a shit about your product.

Here is a quick way to test if your ebook / product is worth building for your customers.

Create one page website as simple as you can that describes the biggest benefit / pain point your book or product will solve.

Provide ONE button that says "download" or "buy now" depending on whatever you need but you will take them to a "coming soon" page.

The best way to do this is collect an email or stick a Facebook Retargetting pixel on that coming soon page. So that if you collect enough leads or get enough people to the coming soon page you have a validated audience to advertise too.

Okay.. that way takes some work and you don't want to actually say Coming Soon on the "coming soon" page. What you want to say is...

"Uh oh.. you caught us before we're ready"


"We're still working on this killer ebook, sign up for first chapter and give us your feedback"

The best part... if it fails and you send 100 people to the site and only 2 people click the button than, it's not a big loss.

If you don't want to take this approach you can simply do the same on Craigslist or another free posting website.

Remember to act like it is already done. You post an ad saying how beneficial your book or product is and say drop me a line and I can show you more.

If you get a lot of replies from your ad - it's time to start building.

If not.. move on! Keep validating your ideas as if it was all magically done already.

Check out some videos that gave me inspiration to write this post:

If you have more ways to validate ideas quickly let me know!
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    Originally Posted by Wynter Jones View Post

    However if you are doing all the "required" work for Internet Marketing and not making any sales or getting any growth, you might be a wantrepreneur.
    Wantrepreneuer is such an offensive term. I don't think anyone taking action is a wantrepreneuer. I would define it moreso as someone that hangs around the forums and blogs reading endlessly.... months.... years.... but they never really do anything. And there might not be anything wrong with that if it ends up being part of a successful process. Jump in when you feel comfortable. Until then, want away.
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      Originally Posted by Protection View Post

      Every business owner is a 'Wantrepreneur'

      How pointless can a thread get.. You sure did waste your time making this thread.

      Actually the wantrepreneur aspect of this is a way to talk about MVP (minimum viable product) which is a real and important aspect of starting any business online or offline.

      However you did respond, so I did my job Thanks for reading it
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    I agree it is an offensive term. If you take offence that might be someone who definitely is not a "wantrepreneur" I agree spending alot of effort into learning about how to run a business is a lot different than actually trying to run a business.

    Although I would argue in some cases even if you take action and set everything up and wonder why there is no growth, it could be cause your "want" is greater than your "need" - i.e. on one hand they are waiting for results to come.

    The real entrepreneur doesn't stop when it is all setup, they keep pushing and growing the product and business. If there is no growth they adapt and pivot to what does create growth.

    Also, I fully admit I used the headline as link bait haha
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    I don't think wantrapreneur is offensive. For me when I realized I was a wantrapreneur a couple of years ago it made me get serious about becoming an entrepreneur. Hopefully if the description fits it motivates others in their journey to break the wantrepreneur cycle.
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    Thank you guys for sharing all the information! I think what matters most is if you understand and take actions with it. The term is only the cover of the idea anyway, offensive or not
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    Just wanted to come back and state that I have started two physical businesses in two different countries. I still remember the moment I sat down in a Barnes and Nobles and listed all the the ideas I had that I hadn't executed on. I sat in that chair and thought long and hard about the implications of remaining a wantrepreneur and though it has meant 3 months without a day off there is light at the end of the tunnel. Confronting reality is often the first step to making positive changes.
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