Did Pinterest Change Its Algorithm?

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Does anyone know if pinterest changed its algorithm for showing pins on your feed? It seems like everything on my feed is now very relevant to the things that I normally post on my boards. I no longer have home decor or fashion stuff at all in my feed. This may be a result of me unfollowing people who didn't follow me back, so it got rid of the useless clutter in my feed or it may not be.

Anyone else have similar things going on? If so, do you think it is a good thing?

I like to think it is a good thing because then your pin is more likely to been seen my people who are interested in it.
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    yep seen this as well. I think they are closely related to the Interest you have when you sign up + the categories of your own boards
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    I am only seeing fashion related pins showing in my home feed. While I do love fashion and repin a lot to my many fashion related boards, I have just as many non fashion boards and have followed many thousands relating to other subjects such as vintage cars, guitars, mushrooms, architecture, photography...

    Since the beginning of the month, I have not seen any of those other subjects, only fashion.

    And even in the fashion related pins, the variety has been tightened. I used to see a lot of haute couture, gowns, fancy dresses, lingerie and corsets. Now I'm only seeing casual, everyday wear, street fashion and Polyvore...and I really dislike Polyvores.

    So Pinterest have very definitely changed the way it filters the home feed.

    I've spent the past year carefully choosing the boards I follow to create the feed that I want. Pinterest has completely undone all my efforts to create a feed that it thinks I want to see, completely destroying the feed that I want to see.

    I have tried everything I can to reset it to the old system but there is no option to do that. I have sent several message to the help line, but in usual Pinterest fashion, my inquiries have been ignored. All I got was a canned response that basically says that Pinterest knows what I want in my feed better than I do. There could be nothing further from the truth.

    These changes are horrible and renders Pinterest useless to me. I am a photographer and have been building my Pinterest account to be a platform to promote my own photography. Unfortunately, I am not a fashion photographer, I photograph architecture, nature, landscape, cars, guitars, consumer and commercial/industrial products. The only fashion photography I do is of shoes. While I can still post my own photography to Pinterest, I am concerned that other Pinners that are following my non fashion boards may be experiencing the same problem and will not see the images that I pin.

    I think Pinterest has done worse than shoot itself in the foot, it's shot itself in the head! If Pinterest does not restore the old Home Feed, I'm not going to waste any more time on it and just toss it onto the scrapheap of social media sites that have outlived their usefulness.
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      I noticed that also! I think thay home feed is near Facebook. The most popular pins are most common and they get big popularity and I got only couple of fresh pins from board I follow! I do not like this style and hope the things will change!
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    Yeah I'm nervous about all the changes. I am wondering how the promoted pins is going to change everything. Is my reach going to completely drop like it has on Facebook? : /

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      I also noticed a significant difference in Pinterest lately. Mainly that in the last two weeks I've had zero repins. That contrasts starkly with previous patterns: when I would pin in the past, I would average 30-50 repins, and gain a number of new followers. Now, zero repins, zero new followers. The number of "related pins" has dropped but it seems that the exposure I've had in the past to a broader group of pinners who don't follow me has decreased dramatically.

      Unlike others though, my feed still seems to be relevant. It will be interesting to see where Pinterest takes the platform as they try to monetise and show its value without alienating their core constituecy.
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        My feeds seem to be consistent, however, I must agree, my repins and new followers have been significantly reduced. I noticed this happening immediately after the "your followers did this or that" notification started. It's extremely annoying and has changed my personal enjoyment of pinterest. With this almost stalkerish notification and the expanded search feature it's almost like the developers are trying to be Google and Facebook at the same time. I loved Pinterest for how clean it was. Now it's overburdened with useless drivel.
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