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I would like to create Facebook ads to send traffic to my Amazon and Ebay listings.

How can I go about this?

Can I send the traffic directly to these sites? Does FB allow those links?

Totally new to this. Any help appreciated.
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    Yes you can via an autoposter. That exactly what I did when I had an Amazon astore.
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    ^ no clue.....

    Slime England

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    Owen, could you please explain your method
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      So basically a pre create my advert to advertise my A Store sometimes I would advertise special offers of the week and then i would upload it to the autoposter. I would then select where I want my adverts to be shown on Facebook. The total time to set it up was anything from 45mins - 1 and half hours. This left me to work on other aspect of my online business i.e blogging about products i have at my A store.

      I started it off as a trail to increase awareness of my brand but 1 week into the trail i notice that sales went up by 25% and because my niche had various price points ranging from $9.99 - $449.99 you can soon see how I was regularly making $750 -$1000 a month.

      And although I don't have the Astore anymore I still use the autoposter to improve my brand awareness.

      Does this help or do you need more detail?
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        Thank you for the information. Does Facebook allow you to post an Amazon link in the text box and then use that post as an ad?
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          which ad type/objective do you use? I cannot create an offer claim.

          I did a post of my promotion but a post boost will not suit my purposes.
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    The autoposter I used will do both. Facebook only ban links that are linked to software thats on their blaclist I.e MLM programs such as IPAS 2. So whats your Amazon business model anyway? Similar to mine? Lets hook up sometime?
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      Yes it is the same except I want the ad to point to a product listing. I am having trouble creating the ad as it won't allow me to put in a link. If you could PM me more detail that would be very helpful.
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