My teespring compaigns running-need help!!

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Hi Guys,

I've launched two compaigns on teespring,set up ads on fb,but results were frustrating .

I tried both cpc and ocpm biding for my ads.potential audience is about 400k.
but,the reach is about : 2k with ocpm and 300 with cpc.

what's the wrong with FB ads these days??

Can anyone help please Guys.
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      for cpc ad copy the reach is 300,it shows me 2 clics.but,in the 'Clics on website' is still 0 clics.
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        woah, first of all. 400k audience is still pretty large. Aim for 100k or less. Stick with oCPM it's your best bet for Teespring ads. Pay close attention to your CTR, if your CTR is not 5% or higher I would advise making changes until you can reach that mark. Try accomplishing that and then come back with the results.
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          thanks Jcedric for your reply,
          the problem with ocpm when the audience is 100k or less is that repetition rate for my ads is high.
          just a question: i'm targeting USA,which is better : target all USA or just some cities ?
          Thx in advance.
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            Target just USA, it seems odd that your frequency would be very high off the bat even with an audience of 100K or below. Im currently running a 90k audience with $10 spent so far and a 1.01 frequency. Post screenshot of your current stats so I can check them out and let you know what you can change around to get some better results.
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  • Yeah like i said narrow your target audience. Do this and start testing i promise you will see better results and pay less
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      Thx ShoeNickel,
      I'll try this and come back with results.
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