How to use Facebook's friends to create a list?

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I have an a facebook's accoubnt with 2,800 friends.

How can I use this friends in order to generate a prospect's list or to make money online?

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    Personally I would never involve my friends in my business. I try to keep it seperate. However if they aren't true true friends then I would add them to your email list.
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    I agree with Owen tEBB, but if you still want to make money with your Facebook friends, maybe you can make a post about some update to different niche squeeze pages and then use "user promote post" feature to promote your post, perhaps you do not know what is your friend interested, so you need different niche for them. you can also create some niche fanpage and invite them all to become fans, so you can segment your friends based on their interest... you get the prospect, and monetize.. thoughts?
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      I think there's a difference between asking your (real) friends to help you out and seeing them as a target market. When we started our site, my partner and I messaged all our friends on Facebook asking them to help get the word out on Facebook. It certainly wasn't our our most important marketing strategy, but it was easy and at least helped to get us our first 100 or so Facebook fans as well as a quick sale or two.

      That said, I'd think twice about spamming them repeatedly with offers. (1) They're likely not a very targeted list, (2) if they aren't interested, it'll lower your engagement rate and EdgeRank and (3) it's obnoxious.
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    You mean you HAD an account with 2800 friends...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      yes, I have an account whith that number of friends ...
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        Agree with Owen - depends on your relationship with them.
        If you are thinking of making money from them, try TShirts!...most ppl like them!
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    If you have a passion or talent that is worth video recording you could try making YouTube Videos about that particular thing and then promote them on your profile. This is a slow evolving option though. For quick results, get into sales. Buy cheap ebay stuff and resell it to your list, but before you have to make some research about what's in trend nowadays: accessories, gadgets etc. Good luck!
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    Give them some incentive to help you out, dangle a carrot. So make a quick video saying that you know that they are not interested in joining your company, however if they do know someone that would be interested in your company then they can refer them to you.

    And then add that the first five people on my friends list that find someone who is genuinely interested in joining and signs up with me, I will pay those first five people $20, $30 etc

    You give then you get.

    I hope that this helps.
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    According to me it will depends upon type of relationship you have with your friends.Its better if you will keep your friends separate from your business.
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