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Myself and other person are co-admins of a Facebook Page. She is the one buying all the ads (via her account) but I am tasked with targeting the ads via audiences (custom, etc) which I do on my account.

If I save a Facebook Audience "Custom Audience #1" (or whatever name) will she see this saved audience on her account? Is there a way I can share this with her? So when she makes an ad she can target the custom audience that I created?
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    No I don't think so.
    FB won't let you share the custom audience.

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    So the only way for her to use the custom audience is to set it up and save it on her Facebook account. That's what I was thinking I might have to do. Cumbersome.
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    You can have access on her ad account (Add a User in the Ad Account Roles section) and upload from there your custom audience.hope this helps.
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    She wont see it. custom audiences are only custom to accounts that upload it.
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    Definitely the only option is to set the audience from your friend's account, this is the only way the ads can be targeted to that specific group of people you selected. Facebook doesn't allow you to link accounts as you could link them with gmail or something like this.
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    • According to Facebook FAQ:

      Q: Can Website Custom Audiences be shared with another account or PMD?

      A: Yes, it is possible to share Website Custom Audiences. However, your Facebook representative will need to enable this feature in your account.


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