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Hi Guys,
I have an ad running on FB for a Teezily compaing.
I think i set up all things in order,the Tshirt's idea and design are good,the ad image too.
the problem is that the ad gets a lot of likes and just few clics to website.
PS : I have a shop now button on the ad.
can anyone tell me What iam doing wrong ?
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    It's just about the reach the ad has, the people who like it are simply not interested in going further and see the website too. It may be the ads fault or the likes might come from click farms so the users are not humans and that's why it seems they don't access the site. Anyway the more likes you have the higher the possibility to attract actual customers, so keep on advertising.
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      Also try to engage with them yourself, replying to comments directing to buy.

      If you are still getting no bites - rethink targeting or try multiple ads - Assocation, clubs, celebrities even hidden interests or by job title and even behaviours (active online spenders).

      If you have spent more than $20 - $30 with no's a dud and kill it!

      Also dont rely on one campaign or shirt - have multiple on the go.
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          Anytime smartcoach98 looking forward to hearing about your success'

          Also Teespring has just partnered up with Fanrock to bring this powerful tool for FREE called Audience Intersect.
          From my understanding Audience Intersect is the first tool to allow you to target just the intersection of different interests.
          Haven't really had a chance to explore this new tool, but looks powerful!
          Audience Intersect Another tool to add to your arsenal! Cheers
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    When this happens, it could be because people like the concept, but click through to the shirt and realize they don't like the design. It could also be because they get there and find the price is too high to warrant making a purchase.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    One other reason could be that your target audience is too young. Young people are pushing engagement, bit older ones are usually converting better.
    Also, in Europe, no every teenager has a credit card, so knowing this, you better enlargen your target range in terms of age.
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