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I worked on closing a deal with a sponsor for my FB page (page is automotive related, the sponsor is automotive retailer). However my rationale was not to charge for posts because I don't have proof that it will be an effective advertising method that will convert into sales (and potentially lose my sponsor).

Instead what I suggested was exclusive deals for FB fans, access to cost price products for me and collaboration for real life events. I believed this was a fair deal where the fans got something (discounts) their business got new customers and I could get cost price products.
Their influence in the market and connections in the industry are quite important intangible asset that I can see being valuable.

My aim is to provide fans with access to good deals/services, improve their customer base and eventually find a way to make some money off my service/loyalty.

I guess my question is; how do I maximize my success of having a sponsor for my page? what can I do to achieve my goals? How do I keep them happy but not run my page? (>insert ideas here<)

My dot points:
* List requirements & expectations (have them up front, no unexpected surprises)
* Have a strategy list (Also have it approved, so the sponsor is happy)
* Maintain regular communication
* Be upfront with the fans and announce the sponsorship (not incognito subliminally advertise to them)
* Don't spam the page - be subtle and timely about advertising
* Have regular "sponsored" posts
* Have "sponsored" competitions
* Hold events
* Have their logo in the banner
* Coupon codes - % of profit can be allocated to me

Additionally was thinking of referrals, they do custom fabrication work and would be great if I could get a commission for successfully referring them business.

Any ideas appreciated!
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    All that you stated above is very thoughtful, business wise. The main question was how to maximize your success of having a sponsor. Well, first of all think of a desired amount that you should obtain from this deal, how much are you expecting from it. Because success maximizes in time. Their sales will grow so your quota will also grow, is natural to do so. Maybe you should make a contract to stipulate all the terms you want to be respected: you remain in control of the page, demand a percentage of the sales, that can grow incrementally, etc. Good luck!
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