which Strategy work best for pinterest?

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Hye Warriors,
which strategy work best for pinterest..?
1) CREATING a single niche specific accounts (like weight loss)and then start getting followers
2) creating a natural human profile and and then multiple boards on each niche....?
e.g if i have 3 niches like weight loss,body building, and , and acne care,.

so which is best either to create 3 accounts , each covering its specific niche or just natural single account with these three boards,
Also guide me to get more followers should i follow the "user" or boards"

Actually i have several niche sites each on different health niche, i want to create a singe profile with multiple" niche " "Boards".
can you warriors please guide me.?
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    I'm also very interested in any tips for encouraging website engagement from pinterest
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      You need to have a niche specific account and your boards should each target a more specific topic in your niche

      For example, I am in the fitness niche and currently have about 15,000 followers or so on Pinterest. I have about 8 boards; weight loss, muscle building, women's fitness etc

      Because of the way I have my account set up, I can post a new article on my site and pin it to the board that it relates to the most and get very targeted traffic.

      And for growing your account and gaining follows, I've found it works better if you follow the actually person, not the board. No idea why but I've had better results this way
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    Create boards in pinterest related to your business and follow other peoples board related to your business. In this way you can get followers and likes. Otherwise contact any social media companies which provide the services to get real followers likes social web promoter.
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    I'd say go with a profile that focuses on each niche, then create cool boards from there.
    Like "acne care", you could have a board of morning/evening routines, medicines, before/after pix, etc etc
    Journey On,

    ~ Rach
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    Single niche with mostly unique content = win.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    I would recommend you to create a niche specific account and then create boards related to your business. You can then add images, info-graphics on each board. You can also repin others pins and can follow people related to your business. This will help in increasing followers for your business.There are some tips and tricks for promoting your website on pinterest. You can also used various tips for using this website.
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    You might be able to find a common link between all your content. For instance, weight loss; body building and acne care all relate to personal care or self improvement. It would just make sense that you have boards all related to self improvement. In this way, you might get cross over views from one to another without having to maintain three individual accounts. Just keep all related content to specific boards.
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