Feedback Needed on Marketing a YouTube Video!

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I just posted a YouTube video that I have monetized. I have monetized it with a YouTube ad as well as placing a ClickBank link into the description area. I also searched for keywords(Google Adwords) and added high traffic/low competition keywords to the tag (about 10-15 of them, I believe).

I am trying to figure out the best way to promote it.

It is an audiobook for children. The story focuses on problem solving. My initial plan was to post in parenting forums. Also, I was thinking about writing articles with a link and submitting those articles to article sites. Not certain if it would be appropriate to hire someone on Fiverr to drive traffic to it.

I am new to this so any assistance/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If it helps, the link to the video is in my signature.

Thanks for your help.
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    Have you posted it to your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts? - If you have them.
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      Thanks. I have a LinkedIn account. I have to get going on Facebook and Twitter. I have forwarded it to a few people who actively use FaceBook and Twitter. Is it appropriate to add it to LinkedIn? One of my skills on LinkedIn is PowerPoint and the initial slides/video was created in PowerPoint.

      Thank you for responding and for your suggesstions :-)
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    The short answer is... Market it like you would any other website of yours!

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      Thanks, I joined the Warrior Forum a few years ago. I have several sites. However, I my nose was to the grindstone working a 9-5 (that was actually a little more than 9-5. I also have two kids, so my websites have not had the attention they deserve. Now, I am working from home full-time; so I have time to invest and learn.

      So, the short response is that I have not really been marketing my websites. That will change now though :-)
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    I do a lot of YT.

    Having looked at your video (super, by the way) I would first concentrate on optimizing your video. Worry about ranking once you have that foundation in place.


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      Thank you, GRM.

      I added keywords that I researched on Google Adwords. I also put a Keyword in my description. I did not upload the transcript of the video as I wasn't certain if that would be helpful. If you have any other tips, please let me know.

      Again, thanks for responding.
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