Why does no one see my group posts?

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I have posted in so many groups, and barely have gotten any response.
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    Where are you posting & what questions are you looking for the answers too?

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      I don't know much about groups, but we run a large Facebook page and if you were to post anything that wasn't relevant to the topic being discussed your post would likely be spammed out, deleted and/or reported.

      I've also noticed that Facebook has gotten increasingly good at detecting which comments are potential spam/trolls and does us the favor as marking many of them as spam before we even have to touch them. I'm sure that it's partly triggered by keywords in the post, but I'm also convinced that part of the algorithm is related to the history of the person posting. In other words, if you're posting similar things in a lot of groups or are having your comments marked as spam or deleted frequently, you'll be more likely to have your comments trigger Facebook's spam-detection filters.

      The fact that you've "posted in so many groups" leads me to believe this is what's happening.
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    A lot of people use Facebook group bots to post ads in the groups. And, basically there is no one on those groups actually reading posts as the only people using those groups are the bot users who post ads. The ads are allowed to stay up as it's a spam group. If you really want anyone to see your link or ad, you have to join a group that requires participation in other ways, such as discussions and only lets advertising go through on certain days. In that way you will be assured that at least someone on that group sees your ad on the day it's placed, though you will have to participate in order to earn the right to place that ad.
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    If the posts are posted on groups with similar ''audience'', the problem is in the posts.

    You have to change the article or place a picture.

    If you post them on groups that they are not similar, then the results will be poor.

    Try to ''talk'' to people who would like to listen to your posts.
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      Originally Posted by Nathan Fortune View Post

      If the posts are posted on groups with similar ''audience'', the problem is in the posts.
      This is especially true if you are in an advertising group, where everyone is just spamming each other. Another point is how many marketing or SEO related groups are just a bunch of people trying to spam the links to get others to visit their page to buy a product. You need to find a Facebook group that is more like a community, where you can discuss various aspects of your industry or niche. For this to work, you will want to ensure that many status updates on your own personal Facebook timeline are set to public, especially those pertaining to your own business. Many of the group's members will check these out. And, there's a chance that others in that group will have issues that your product or service can solve. And, as a trusted member of that group, they'll look to you for solutions.
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    People do see your posts even in those unmoderated groups, but 99% of posts are ignored. Here's a case study I did on driving traffic from un-moderated Facebook groups:

    Case Study: How I Increased the Traffic from Facebook Groups by 3,000%
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