How to move my 70k Facebook fans on to my List?

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I have a Facebook fan page about funny quotes from a character on the show Modern Family and it has about 70k likes. My audience is mostly women around 20 years old. I was thinking about giving away an eBook, but It will violate copyright of the show.
Each post I make gets an average of 100,000 people reached. If you have any advice on how to move these fans onto an email list, I would greatly appreciate it
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    I think a give-away is a great idea. People love to sign up to win free stuff. You could give away a physical book, instead of an ebook. Just buy the book, then mail it to the winner.
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    There are 2 options:

    1. Add Static HTML tab into your Facebook page, then insert opt-in HTML code.

    2. Create a website that contain opt-in then put a link into each post on your Facebook page.

    You choose one of them.
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    Since you cannot give a freebie, and that's highly appreciated that you do not violate the terms - no matter what people say, a better option is to monetize your FB posts.

    Now this isn't hard to do.

    What I'd suggest is choose an affiliate product or a CPA offer that you think is best for your audience. Send traffic to a squeeze page (this is where you will get the email) and redirect the traffic to the offer.

    You will have the email addresses plus a few hundreds bucks
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    Congratulations on all that success man!

    thats awesome!

    Well what you can do is give away a short ebook report on a related topic. Make sure you listen and care about your audience. One smart thing you could do is create an ebook report on Funny Quotes from the Show.

    You can call it something like: '101 Funniest Quotes from Modern Family'

    Then build a capture page - and give that funny and interesting report for free, in exchange for an email address.

    This would be a great way to build a list from that audience!

    You should also build a Capture Page within the Fan Page. Use an App called 'the 22s App' - Google it.

    Learn how to use that app for the fan page and build it.

    I think this is the best way you can start capturing emails from that audience.

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

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    I'm just wondering... if your page is promoting Modern Family, could you not reach out to the producers of the show and ask for something to give away?

    Or perhaps you could reach out to the actor - say Eric Stonestreet. Or his publicist or agent. And ask for an autographed photo, etc.

    I'm not saying this would be a super simple thing to do, but with some persistence over the phone and by email, I am sure you could get something to give away to your Facebook followers.

    Offer that up as a giveaway on your Facebook page. To enter the draw / giveaway, you have to enter your details through a specific link. (This wouldn't raise too many eyebrows. You always need to enter your personal details to enter a draw or giveaway.)

    If you're reaching 100,000 people per post, I bet you could collect a ton of data through this giveaway.

    Hope it helps.
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