Do you repeat the same tweets?

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just wondering do you repeat your tweets?

for an example , monday you tweeted tweet A ..

than wed tweet again ?
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    Hi DevilFish,

    I might tweet multiple links to the same content if it's super relevant and helpful, but not to just build my tweet count.

    I would never just copy/paste the same tweet if that's what you're asking.

    Furthermore, if you make it a habit of tweeting out the same content, you can be sure that some of your followers will eventually just stop following you... why bother following you if you're not being original?
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      Don't expect that almost all your followers see your tweet X. Sometimes not even 10% of the followers see a tweet.

      Check Twitter Analytics and you'll see the real reach of your tweets

      So... yes, if you don't repeat (at different hours) the tweets that matter to you, then you leave money on the table.
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    If you want to keep me as a follower, then don;t do it. I have unfollowed many who did this. My twitterfeed to to valuable to have it filled with crap.
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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    just wondering do you repeat your tweets?

    for an example , monday you tweeted tweet A ..

    than wed tweet again ?
    Yes it's a good way to "give life" to previous posts. but rarely do this or they will get bored.
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    I think posting repeat tweets for 3 times is ideal but no more.
    Your followers want to see more from you!

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    I don't think repeating tweets is a good idea, and I never do it. Give them something new everytime. If you repeat your posts then they'll get bored pretty quick. Also ideal length for a tweet is words so try not to exceed that!

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    Yes, I do but I just create some similiar posts if I think the previous post of that kind is popular with my followers. And, I will only do it every 1-2 weeks.

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    You can actually do that but not always. Sometimes what we do is retweet it but different caption on it. Plus, make it different to some other days. Jut to make it something fresh!
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    Repeating is a good idea but you have to look for analysis, is it good or bad. I suggest using different bitly links to see long time result.
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    I sometimes go back through to tweets that are from at least 6 months back, to see fi there are any good ones that underperformed.

    If I do re-use it, I will rewrite it, and delete the old one, and I would never repeat within a shorter timeframe.
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    There's no harm in sharing the same link more than once. I just wouldn't necessarily compose the exact same tweet.
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  • Repeated tweets with the same content will not reach your followers unless they are on your twitter profile. If you want to deliver the same thing over and over, make different versions of it and then schedule maintaining frequency & time interval. If you are using a link in your tweet, try to use different url shortener to make the link unique to twitter.

    I'll still suggest against the idea because it will not give any value to your followers and it will leave you with worthless & bot followers only who will not unfollow because they don't care what you share.
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      Originally Posted by TheFlyingDutchman View Post

      I'll still suggest against the idea because it will not give any value to your followers and it will leave you with worthless & bot followers only who will not unfollow because they don't care what you share.
      Hey, I certainly agree that spamming the same link / content over and over again is a bad idea... but surely you aren't saying that sharing a link a few times is a bad idea? Especially on Twitter?

      Our followers aren't on Twitter every moment of every day. And if they are following even just a few hundred accounts, they most assuredly are not reading every single thing that gets tweeted.

      Sharing the same link 3-4 times over 5-6 days just increases our chances of having that content seen. I can't imagine that would annoy our followers very much? Do you disagree?
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    As a blogger, I like to drive traffic to my older posts every once in awhile, so I have no problem tweeting the same info, but I do echo what some of the other said about rewriting the tweet - don't just post the same exact tweet verbatim. I would also post it a few days later at a different time.

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    You can repeat same niche not same content. like you want to post or publish any job vacancy or post your launched new product, So in this case you can post twice or trice with some modified content.
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    It is not like that I tweet same tweet multiple times a day by making some tweaks in it.
    By this way Twitter will not think it as spam which will help me boast the reach
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    Yes, I repeat the same tweets, but after a few days. In order to drive traffic to your blog posts, it is good idea to retweet the same tweet. If you have tweeted a post on Monday then, you can tweet the same tweet after one day i.e. on Wednesday also. Moreover, try to tweet with some different content.
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    I create about five tweets for each piece of content and then spread them out over a week or so. If it's been awhile and I want to promote some older content then I may repeat them. What I wouldn't do is have one message that I just repeat everyday that would turn people off real fast.
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    In twitter, its rather a good practice to repeat the tweets. One of the leading social media evangelist Guy Kawasaki also does it. However the semantic behind this repetition is that your twitter followers may belong to different timezones. So the time at which you generally may tweet can be the time in which some of your followers aren't online. So to overcome this, its better to tweet at multiple times with significant difference in time intervals between each tweet to increase the impressions of your tweet. Cheers.
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    Yes,You can repeat same tweet twice but make a gap between same tweets

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    Yes you can repeat same tweet.
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    If you find some relevant information and your tweet that you had posted earlier is describing it, then yes you can tweet it back again with same post.

    but, if you want to tweet for your post count.. then it is irrelevant and looks like a spammy one.
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    Yes. The shelf life of a tweet is less than 2 hours so Its good for you to share you tweet on different schedule because it would help you in making your content reach more people.
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    There are times that you are allowed to retweet but it shouldn't be done just to have more tweet counts. I guess you have to measure the importance of it to justify retweeting it. If not, you could potentially lose some of your audiences.
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