Facebook Ads: Dark posts vs newsfeed ads

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I'm hearing a lot of people talk about "dark posts" and touting the fact that it won't show up on the page as a great benefit.

But regular newsfeed ads don't show up on the page either, so I can't figure out what all the fuzz is about.

What's the advantage of using "dark posts" over regular newsfeed ads? Is it only the fact that the format is more flexible, allows for more text etc? Is that it?

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    I'm not sure why regular posts don't show up on your page.

    Dark Posts are meant just to be ads. Regular posts can be ads AND also show up on your page.
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    Hi B set,

    No I'm not even talking about regular "published posts". I'm talking about Newsfeed ads (created via the ads manager or power editor" vs Dark posts (unpublished posts via the power editor.
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