FB clickers no longer converting. Ad reach down to nothing. Anyone else experience this?

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A) Has anyone else experienced a significant drop in the number of click-throughs and/or reach counts from promoted (boosted) posts or "website clicks" ads from their Facebook pages over the last couple weeks?

B) Have you noticed a significant decrease in conversions from those that actually click through to your website?

Not sure if this is me being paranoid, but in the back of mind I am now thinking... What if this sh#@ is rigged????? As advertisers how are we supposed to know that their latest "algorithm change", which was put into place in order to enhance the user experience and clean up the news feed, wasn't just some technical change that has resulted in the reduction of promoted posts/ads from the news feed while sourcing out post engagements and ad clicks to click farms, or even worse, simulating post engagements and clicks all together while still charging the advertiser. Being a web developer, I know how easy it would be for them to do this without us batting an eye.

Here is why I am questioning it...

The post/product I am promoting is highly targeted, very relevant for the audience I have selected, and it's not overly promotional. In fact, there is hardly any promotional verbiage in my post at all.

Two weeks ago, the same boosted post (or a very similar variation), converted VERY well. Now? Terrible results at best. What I've noticed from my own click tracking on my website is that clicks are programmatic and predictable (they seem to come in bunches every half hour). There is nothing natural about the traffic that I am seeing now compared to the traffic a couple weeks ago. And conversions? They are almost non-existent. It's unbelievable. I literally watch the clicks happen from my own interface and ask myself, "how are these people not converting?" It doesn't make sense.

Your thoughts? Experiences? Surely I am not the only one who has been spending a lot of money on Facebook advertising and is now wondering where that money is going and why I am not getting any in return!!
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    I would say your concerns are very legitimate and based on a very real concern. Who knows what FB is doing on the back end, they do have shareholders to report to and their only concerns are profits of course. I have a friend who has done VERY well on FB but has left because of all the changes, price hikes and decline in reach.
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    Maybe it's because you're just serving the ad to the same people over and over again who aren't clicking. I've noticed after a couple of weeks certain ads CPC is rising.
    I'm going to try and choose some fresh target audiences/interests to see if it makes a difference.
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    Hi Leclaims,
    I've experience exactly the same problem as yours. It's 500% correct.
    History record of my ads :
    Past -
    1. CTR - 12%-18% (click on ads)
    2. Cost Per web Click - MYR 0.16-0.18
    3. Total web clicks/day - 4,000 to 5,000 clicks
    4. No. of unit sold/day - 115 - 145 units / day
    5. Product - Medication in capsule
    6. Target Audience - Various (target changed every 2 days)
    7. Product Price - MYR 75.00/unit

    Current Situation
    1. CTR - 12%-18% (click on ads)
    2. Cost Per web Click - Fluctuate. Sometimes up to MYR 0.80
    3. Total web clicks/day - 800 to 1,500 clicks
    4. No. of unit sold/day - 40 - 55 units / day
    5. Product - Medication in capsule (SAME)
    6. Target Audience - Various (target changed every 2 days) - SAME !!
    7. Product Price - MYR 75.00/unit (SAME !!)

    Really frustrating. SEEMS like fake clicks (like/share/comment etc)

    Action taken : Stop my ads. Campaign using whatsapp broadcasting option to existing and potential customer who already text me. Much beter. FOC of course.
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    yes, i am experiencing too. no conversion from fbads. before i was get good conversion. but stop right now
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    I think the same thing is happening all over the place. I have seen may marketers complaining about the conversion rates. Facebook isn't really doing anything for marketers anymore all it cares about is profits now adays.

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