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Hi guys i want to know what you think work the best right now ! Fb fan page with post promoting product or ads with squeeze page to collect email and direct it to the product ?
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    For paid ads, a squeeze page, every time.
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    Fb is getting too stringent nowadays. I would advise to use it only as one of the advertising venues and not to depend on it as they are changing rules and system too fast.. All they want is business owners to use their advertising platform rather than free marketing.
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    Every traffic source will eventually dry up. Whatever platform you are using to get leads will eventually go away. And your leads will go with it. That's why it is so important to build assets while you can...get the leads off the platform and into your business. Build a list. Because eventually that platform will go away. And if you haven't built the asset, you're left with nothing.
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    you need to have a professional ad, and capture leads. this will not expire on facebook. run your business in a professional manner. check out my blog, i just added a video of a facebook ad broken down so if you're interested in facebook ads then check it out, it may be helpful for you or others interested in fb ads.
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    mix them both
    pin a post that links to your squeeze page to the top,, make them sign in your mail list, and when you post in your fan page send a broadcast letter to your mail list
    the reason for that:
    1- give them this behavior to click what ever link you mail them, either it was a FB post, blog, or affiliate link
    2- not every one will watch your Fanpage all the time,, they may miss an amazing post for some reason
    and don't forget to post your squeeze page every now and then
    best of luck
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    You definitely need to test several squeeze pages and have a funnel that offers an downs and an upsell. I always start with a free report then offer a low price related product and then offer the main product or an upsell in the sales funnel.

    Build the list while monetizing with a low end product then make offers to the list while giving them great info.
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    I would go with squeeze pages as FB has got various restrictions these days.
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