Inviting strangers to like and follow my pages.

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Hi everyone,

I am new here to this forum and I love it so far!

I just started working as a social media marketer in a company for the first time and I am having issues with knowing how to invite new people to the facebook, twitter, linked in, and google plus pages of the company I am working for.
I am using a new account so there are no friends to invite to these pages.. is there anything other than paying for ads to get people to know about these pages?

I really appreciate your help (I really need to make a good impression on my boss)

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if what you posted is actually the truth, I'd start looking for a new job if I were you. It won't be long before your new boss realizes you don't know anything about social media marketing.
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      You are actually completely right, I never worked in social media marketing before.
      My boss already knows this and as it is a new small company they are working on making a new social media department with people who have the passion and commitment to do so and are able to learn quickly.
      I own a studio and the facebook page of the studio has almost 4000 fans and people interact with me everyday through it however it all started with my own friends then they share the page with their friends, and then I paid for an ad which helped alot.
      My boss does not want to pay for ads yet, but will soon, so thats why I am asking if there is a way to get some small numbers to know about the pages without an ad as per his request.
      And the reason I am in this forum in the first place is because I am completely new to this and I am looking for advice.
      If you are not capable of providing good advice, then please do not waste your time or mine and do not post anything.

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    OK. Best of luck to you.
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