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1. How many times a week is the best to post to facebook page?
2. What days is the best to post to facebook page?
3. What time is the best to post to facebook page?
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    It actually depends on the quality of the posts rather than numbers. Then Spend some bucks to boost it's exposure to your audience.
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    Engagement rates on Facebook are higher on Thursdays and Fridays compared to other days. It depends on the time of the day and the type of post you are going to do. For example, posting by 1 PM can get the most shares, 3 PM to get more clicks and between 9am and 7pm.
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    1.To know the best is impossible, you can only predict and measure. But it's the quality not quantity that counts when publishing. So it's better to post one excellent item in two/three days instead of every day boring ones.
    2. Once again - test it. We found that posting Monday-Friday works best for our biz.
    3.Schedule your posts when your audience is online.
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    Best time to post is always between 05.00 PM - 10.00 PM LT for weekday. If you target a country / city, then follow timezone of your targeted country / city.
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    So I think 3-5 posts per day are enough. The best days for me are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The best time is 12.00, 16,00, 18.00 and 20.00.
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    I think if you are posting daily it is okay but the thing which is taken in consider is quality of your post..
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    It's the age-old question that requires quite a bit of experimentation on your part - after all, in this space there is rarely a one-size fits-all solution. But, often what works well in social media is looking at what has worked for other people, trying that on your profile to see if it converts for you.
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    It really depends upon your niche and your market. you really can't decide what is best, and what is not without experimenting. Run some tests and see what time works best for your post.
    As for the frequency post at the times you get the most traffic, but post different content and make sure that it is engaging.
    you should post daily, you can give them posts customized to specific days for example weekend offers and stuff though.

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    I agree with markeeter. It would depend on your niche. You have to experiment which works best for you. Its possible that my page can generate the most traffic on Monday Nights while yours on Thursday Morning for some reasons. Keep track of you page analytics as well to see which kind of posts works best for you audience! Good Luck!
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    I don't think there is such thing as perfect timing. It's more about how well you and your audience engages. Alll about quality my friend
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    Facebook posting is seen to be good between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
    Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. being the best time to post on Facebook weeklong.
    Minimize posting in Facebook after 8:00 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m.. it don't get the most clicks.
    Nonetheless,Traffic from Facebook fades after 4:00 p.m.
    --report for bitly
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    Post when you have something relevant to say, it could be daily, twice daily or more.

    And there isn't any time period when one should post if your fans are based worldwide with different time zones.
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    quality of post is better thing but you should post regularly in limit not because people get fed up by seeing more n more posts from a same source and you should only post when mostly people should be online.
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    5-7 PM for sure. As people are leaving work and have time to waste, browsing around on FB.
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    I've done some extensive FB research lately and the results are:

    1. One post or 100 posts, FB is only going to show the same 5% of your followers what you did.

    2. You have to pay for the remaining 95% of your followers to see your posts, but then "seeing" isn't actually "seeing," it's "it popped up on their timeline, not sure if they saw it though..." Reached = Seen.

    3. Boosting a post (or event) for $5 does nothing. I recently posted for a DOG RESCUE EVENT and so far after 2300 people have "seen" the event post, only 5 like it. I mean, are people that heartless, or are the dog lovers I targeted NOT seeing anything? I concur it's the latter.

    4. Post something unique and/or interesting once a day. Either at lunch (11A-1P) or after work (4P-6P) and that's it. Hopefully that 5% will like it enough to share to their 5% and so on...
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      whereas I feel

      FB groups are like " well like us pasting various ad on the wall like tat "

      problem is people really click and see?

      yes...I have check some traffic from FB

      BUT if you say got any sales from it?

      well ....I don't have so far..
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    Ask your Facebook fans when they want to see your updates as they are the only ones who know the truth. And, the answer will depend not only on your fans but also your niche.

    When you post, just keep it short and to the point (otherwise you won't get click throughs) as many people are reading the preview on mobile and won't click to see more. Also, ask your fans to share/like, don't just leave that up to chance they will.
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    Look your best bet is to stop guessing like everyone in here is suggesting because they can't possibly tell you the best times to post or even your most optimized times to post.. If you IM me I will provide a FREE resource that will tell you exactly when you should post and how to optimize it for FREE.. It is like a Virtual Assistant on steroids and it is absolutely FREE... This is the best Facebook Resource I have ever used!!

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      Spill the beans. What is this resource?
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    1. I've found that once or twice per day gets me the best engagement.
    2. This is a moot point when you're posting daily.
    3. Check the insights to see when your fans are online. Post at the busiest times to get the most engagement with your posts.

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    I did not see the right answer yet here ...
    Where are your fans from ?
    I think the best time is when your fans are behind the computer the most - in the evening .. 8 PM
    In their timezone of course

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    Okay check out Analyze your Facebook page everyone... I got distracted and forgot to post.. Make sure to check it out.. Also here is another post with tons of resources by Buffer https://blog.bufferapp.com/best-soci...small-business and this is priceless in my opinion..

    Hopefully this helps...

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    I find that making a post every 3 hours up to 5 times a days is good. Make sure they get your fans to interact...like, share, tag friends etc.. Fans don't tend to mind as long as the posts are good.
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    I think posting on facebook or any social media platform can be a trial and error thing. You test things out like the schedule of posting and and the amount of posts.
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      My main website is a healthy lifestyle blog. I have noticed the posts that get the most attention are controversial political issues, or positive and uplifting stories. I agree with a lot of the above posters that 4-7pm is best.
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    People tend to be most active during hours after work and school so I think thats one of the best times to post things on facebook.
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    It depends. You should track your posts and see what time has the most active. When you find out the best schedule for it, you can strategize on the when to post it. As for the amount for me it would be 5 at most for a day so people wont see it as spam.
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    it depends on why you post on Facebook. According to your business related information and your customer geo location you can post your updates.
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    1. On a daily basis is good - monitor the likes/unlikes of your page. If you have a high unlike rate you could be posting too frequently and clogging up news feeds. Always remember that quality is more important than quantity.

    2. Monday to Friday are usually the best but it depends on your business. Your following might be most active on a Sunday. Analyse your current posts and you should see the times of the week when you get the most reach and engagement.

    3. Same as above, experiment with different times and analyse your posts to see when people are most active.
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    Hi Mate,

    See below for the answers

    1. How many times a week is the best to post to facebook page?

    2. What days is the best to post to facebook page?

    3. What time is the best to post to facebook page?

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    OK - an area where I can offer real expertise! I have better than 225k facebook fans - every single one of them organic. I have never bought a fan and I don't run competitions. Every fan I have is a volunteer!

    Best time to post for any consumer offer is Sunday. Hands down!

    The right number of posts per day is - as others have said - all about the quality of the post. I have anally tested everything between 4 and 24 posts a day based on overall engagement and net # of fans. For MY market, the ideal has previously been 8 posts per day but with FB's recent changes, I've stepped that up to 12 per day to maintain my stats.

    OK... so 12 per day ain't easy, but it works for me! Remember that most of your posts are NOT going to be seen by anything up to 98% of your fans. (The bigger the fanbase, the lower the impressions.)

    You have to find your own numbers for your product or service. There is no across-the-board 'ideal' number. But there is a magic number for YOU!

    But let me share one other gem...

    Over the past few months I have found I am getting more traffic from Pinterest and G+ than I am from FB. Why? Because your posts end up on EVERY P and G+ followers page but only on a very small percentage of your FB fans.

    BTW, I also won't pay to reach FB fans. I've tested it and, for me, it simply isn't viable. The benefits last only as long as the paid post. there is no 'carry forward' effect. Just my two cents worth
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    Your insights will tell you when YOUR fans are on and most active. Canned posting formulas can't do that. I also think it's important to remember that people get on Facebook all day long at different times.While there may be fewer on at a certain time of day, some of those people could be your page's biggest advocates. So I don't think it's smart to ignore large blocks of time- and definitely not entire days.

    I post to my page 6-8 times a day. I post a mixture of inspirational, motivational and encouraging content, niche-specific resources and links (mostly from my blog), at least 2 questions a day (google "conversation starters for lots of great ideas for questions), graphic quotes and even personal content about myself, my kids, etc.

    I used to get really bummed out about how small the engagement is on a single post. Now I've learned to look at the amount of engagement I'm getting throughout the entire day from all the content combined.

    On any one post I may only see a few likes and one or two shares. Some posts generate 15-20 likes and 4 or 5 shares. A good question will get 20-30 comments sometimes. I've learned the kind of content my followers like so I post a mixture of that all day every day.

    On Fridays I post very niche-specific memes all day, every 2 hours. It's a hugely popular feature that my followers look forward to all week. They love sharing them because their own friends love them. Some of them have generated over 100 likes and a few have been shared as many times (although that's not the norm).

    I don't spend all day doing this. I sit down for about an hour and simply schedule all my posts in advance for the whole day. Many people get this down to half an hour, but it takes me a little longer.

    Earlier in the day, when my insights say fewer of my followers are on, I schedule posts to go up every couple of hours or so. Between 3pm-9pm, when many more of my fans are on, I schedule posts to go up hourly. I try to say good morning and good night, usually with some kind of inspirational graphic post.

    My followers love the page and I see very few unlikes. Most of the likes I get are organic, coming from people seeing the engagement of my followers. When I boost a post I get huge engagement, even if it's a $5 post.

    Some people don't see my content in their feeds very often anymore but they've become such fans of the page that they actually physically come to the page once or twice a week and scroll the whole wall, playing catch-up. These people will like, comment on and share several posts to their profiles during these visits.

    I'm also relentless in my engagement with my followers. At least a few times a day I log in for 5-10 minutes-sometimes longer and I respond, chat and laugh with followers. You really do have adopt a servant's heart with your fans, open up your life to them and be a real, reachable, relatable person.

    Adopting this approach has really grown my page into a close-knit community of loyal followers who love the page. I'm not making the amount of money I want to yet but I do make sales from the page, and all without being pushy or posting ads all day. I think as my funnels, copy skills and other elements that improve conversion rates improve my sales will go up. But I do generate some income from the page.

    Long post, but I hope it helps!
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    Posting to social media should be done as frequently as possible as long as you provide quality content.

    The best way to know is asking your audience.


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    Now4dw is on the money on posting schedule. Frequent posts, no need to worry about spamming because most fans won't see most posts. Occasionally someone will complain because newer fans see more posts at first, but if nobody ever complains, you're not posting enough.

    I also suggest staying 100 organic, never pay for likes. There is a HUGE difference in engagement between organic fans and purchased fans. All you buy when you pay FB for fans is ego-strokes. It's also pretty easy to spot the purchased-fan pages by their growth percentage and the odd interactions, when there are interactions, on posts.

    Also use the "watch pages" feature to see what types of posts are most popular with similar pages.

    Time frames, look at your insights to see when your base is most active, but really don't limit your posts to that time. Just put your strongest posts in those frames, the ones you think have the best potential.

    Avoid words like "like, share, etc." in your content because FB will bury those and fewer people will see them.

    Photo posts get seen more, and mutli-image posts get the highest reach. Make your strongest posts multi-image for the best potential.

    For engagement, MusicMin coach has great suggestions. People really appreciate your presence and interaction.

    Consistency is HUGE. Really one post that takes off can shoot you way up within a short time. But in order to have that "one viral post" you have to be doing the work to position yourself.
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    Originally Posted by nazarene023 View Post

    1. How many times a week is the best to post to facebook page?
    2. What days is the best to post to facebook page?
    3. What time is the best to post to facebook page?
    Quality is certainly important. But when to post is also a big factor. Timing should be right.

    It depends on;
    • posts type,
    • your page type,
    • where the audience is situated/time zone.

    But that alone is not enough.
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    IMHO, I think 2-3 posts per day are enough.
    The best days for all niches Monday,10.00,12.00, 17,00 and 20.00.
    Wednesday is optimal for contests and lotteries. Time 12.00, 17,00 and 20.00.
    and Friday - 10.00, 12,00, 17.00
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    Quantity is not important, important is Quality.
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    Its best after 6 pm eastern standard time when people are off work.
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