can my site go viral or not?

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i opened a new site: Something Funny 4U - I draw jokes, comics and cartoons for your laugh
and i get little traffic from fb.

can anyone tell me if the site is attractive enough to go viral on social networks or should i try something else?

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    First i say your design is not so good. You change your theme and work for better SEO and make some high quality backlink if you want to your site go viral.
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    Funny/meaningful content is the #1 way to get something viral on Facebook. But as the market is quite saturated it can sometimes be a little difficult to break through.

    I personally think you'll need to change a few things before your site goes viral. The problem I found with your site is that it reminds me of a Tumblr blog. It's got a newsfeed and is a little clunky to use.

    I personally recommend adding categories and maybe the most popular/commented/viewed images to a widget and create a categories for them. That way people can see your best content right away.

    I'd also go and look at some of the other funny image sites and get some ideas.

    Also you don't have to have a good website for content to go viral. I'm sure with the right title and message your content could go viral on Facebook, that doesn't necessarily mean your website will though.
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    Its not that much bad. But upload more interesting images. Likes /Vote button. Let the users interact to your website. This will increase engagement. You can see how website is made.
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    Even the owners of Google and Facebook, Larr Page, Serger Brin and Mark Zuckerberg never knew their respective Internet toy would go viral.

    Do your assignment, test and work your ass to profit.
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    Make your site attractive enough that some one love to stay on your website for long time and bookmark your site for daily jokes. For that you have to make great designs,images and responsive to the mobile also. You have to use great images in jokes and it should be unique not copied from other.
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    Why don't you buy a 9gag clone to save yourself the design process and add great content?
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    It isn't wide enough...the site needs improving.
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    I think it's impossible to know what will go viral. A friend of mine did a site just for fun and it went viral getting millions of views. Pure accident. Then I've had clients "try" to create content to go viral and have had no luck. I think good consistent content is key, but in my opinion it's lightning in a bottle.
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    I'm going to be honest here. I hope you don't take this the wrong way. First, your site design needs a lot of work. It's too plain, the images are crowded together and it's tough to tell where one joke starts and another ends.

    Then there's the content. There are a number of typos in the cartoons. I'd be willing to overlook that if they were even remotely funny, but they aren't. Sorry, but I don't see any of those comics going viral.

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      Content goes viral when lots of people share it, so the question is really "Am I creating content that lots of people will want to share with each other?"
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    The thing about going viral is that no one really know when or what site will go viral. They just do or don't. All I can say is keep pumping out the best and funniest content that you can, and always think in the mind of what is best for your visitor experience and engagement.
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    It is difficult to make anything viral. You'd probably always need to boost it with some paid traffic, like promoting a post on Facebook. Only a very small percentage of stuff really goes viral straight away. I'd recommend setting up a Facebook fan page and doing some facebook PPC. Getting some credibility on Facebook. Something like Try to imitate them.
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    Making anything viral is difficult. You can't know when it will.
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    I think you need to come up with something a bit better. you need to make them a bit more interesting. The comic design is good, but the dialougs didn't seem too funny to me,

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    The site was very slow loading to start with, lagging. However, once it loaded, I was surprised to see the comic strips. That's not something you usually see on other joke or humor sites. And, it was a nice change. So long as you keep offering unique content, then you have a good chance of going viral. As everyone else said, improve your site look, and get a better theme. But, that's a small cosmetic change. Your site content is where you want to focus once that's done.
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