How to build a great amount of followers in social media?

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Hi Guy,

I would like to learn from your opinion. How can I build followers on Social Media?


Merry Christmas =)
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    Hey Aaron,

    First, pinpoint the struggles/pains/challenges/wants/desires/needs that your target niche has.

    Then create badass, all-killa, no-filla content that solves those problems (blog posts, video, podcasts, emails, etc.)

    Share your content on all the marketing channels you are active on.

    Also, use call-to-actions in your content to "like my facebook page," "follow me on twitter," "subscribe to my youtube channel." "opt-in to my email list and get my XYZ for free"

    Focus on content marketing to build your brand and reputation in the marketplace.

    Then you can start scaling up using paid advertising on any marketing channel you want (Facebook, Twitter, YT, StumbleUpon, etc.)
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    Create great content that people will love to share and like
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    First of all make you profile so much interesting that can attract followers at first view, post only new and interesting post. Use interesting pics more than content, reading content is a waste of time, mostly people avoid to reading lengthy content.
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    You should post funny,news ,media ,celebrity stuff and all for get more viewers and also invite people for get in touch with.

    Link Dropping is a forum sin.

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    I think the most important thing AFTER you being gaining followers, is to ENGAGE with them as much as possible.
    Journey On,

    ~ Rach
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    Hi, trending topics are a great way or getting people engaging and a great place to start is on Google trends my friend !
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    This was an issue that we were finding with so many of our clients, hence why we started building our tool to help people who are stuck finding relevant followers.

    The best way is to engage with relevant users to help build a following, this takes time of course, however we have worked extensively to automate the process in a completely natural way, none of this buying fake followers BS.
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    I keep following people and posting some posts that would keep people engaged. Ultimately the no of followers keep on increasing on a daily basis.
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    Content is key. If your content isn't of interest people won't like your page.

    A few ideas include:

    add social links to your website
    engage with thought leaders
    take part in discussions
    run competitions
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    You can try all paid ads or every technique but nothing will give you desired result until & unless your content is worth , If your stuff is interesting & unique then it will draw people towards it automatically .
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    Follow other users and continue to share useful content and gradually you will start to build a followers.
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    you can use targetted ads, you can give them some awesome tutorials and tips relative to their niche. Some images that they may like. Some niche related humor.
    Look at your page as a normal person and not a marketer. Would your really like to join that page? Think what would you like to see to join a page, and work from there.

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      Be yourself and be real, not spammy, follow prominent people in your niche, check out wefollow or other twitter directories, post engaging related content, a slight amount of humor is usually good.

      If you post good engaging content, and follow prominent people in your niche, some of them will follow you some will retweet and favorite your posts, then some of their followers will follow you as well.
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    Good content, as others have said, is what makes for interesting companies (and hence followers).
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