How can you add links into a youtube video?

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I have seen a few videos on Youtube with links at the end that take me to other Youtube videos and in some cases separate sites.

Is this done within youtube and maybe an old system as it only seems to be able to link to my channel etc now.

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    fantastic tutorial .. thanks for taking the time to search and post it on here
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    You basically need to have a verified website for your channel. Once you have that plus some of the stuff in the video above, you're good to go. And it will only work for that 1 verified account.

    You can also add any other links in the description part of your videos to siphon off more traffic or if you can't get your verified account setup.

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      Thanks Rory for finding this instructive video.
      Marvelous what you can find, just by looking......


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    A couple of quick things...You don't need to associate a website to link to other videos, channels, etc on Youtube, you can do this using Annotations.

    Also, using redirects with associated websites is against the YT TOS:

    Your use of external links in annotations must comply with AdWords policies, YouTube ad policies, and YouTube Community Guidelines. Don't use external links in annotations to redirect traffic across domains. Any violation of these policies may result in removal of the feature and/or termination of your YouTube account.
    I bolded the text in the quote above...

    Instead of redirects, I suggest created a splash page that presells, with a big call to action to click a link that takes the person to the page on any domain you wish.

    Also, by sending people to a page on your own domain you can use tools like retargeting, exit pops, email squeeze, etc.

    You can also have multiple associated domains to use in external annotated links. They all need to be entered (and verified) in Google's Webmaster Tools.
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    I don't understand how to make hyper link on video.
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    Post #2 has the best answer..
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