How To Get Free and Real Twitter Followers

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So I decided to share a tutorial on how to get legit twitter followers without paying a cent.

Twitter is one of the most popular and known social media where millions use it daily. Now I am going to share a tutorial on how you can get legit and real twitter followers.

1# Make a Twitter account/Own a Twitter account and make sure to choose your category niche.

2# Now Make your Account Looking Legit, You want to show that your account is for real and a no spammy twitter marketer account that is just looking to make money from other people. ( Includes adding a profile picture, make a name, and optional: add your website to your twitter profile or (recommended: your free giveaway product. See step 4)

Please Read This before start following people on twitter:

3# Start Following people, every account can follow up to 2000 twitter accounts but once you reach that number you can follow around 300-700 twitter account per day twitter accounts to stay under radar. The more twitter followers you get the more I recommend you to increase your following number. Keep it all looking natural and do not look like a spammy account. Make sure to make some tweets.

4# Now that you have your niche prepared and decided, get something that people are looking in that niche. Let´s suppose your in the niche of gaming niche for the game WOW, grab a free ebook about about the online game WOW and go to: Create a campaign at Pay with Tweet - Pay With A Tweet and make your new campaign.

(You can also get a free article online (go to google and search for example: Wow Top 10 Tips) and convert it to pdf here: PDF Converter - Convert to PDF Online Free

What is

DEMO Campaign on how it looks like once you´re done: OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT SHOULD I DO?
in any case you can short your url link using: or

5# Now that we have our paywithatweet link it´s time to go get free traffic, and here is some cool ways on how you can get it.

Facebook: ( Go to facebook and search for groups and pages related to WOW and submit your link with a nice title: TOP 10 WOW TIPS! #Link #)
Forums: (Search for forums related to wow and target the language/ country of followers that you want) (See below)

Here is how you can do it:

6# Go to

On the main page of below click on settings > Advanced Search

Now search for exact words in the second tab and add for example: "wow" "forum" or add words that you´d like to search for in the first tab. The second tab goes straight to the point.

Go to the forum, register there make sure to make atleast 3-5 posts and then make an article regarding your free giveaway ebook. Note: There is some forums that do not allow you to post links so what I recommend is to simply buy a domain name related to your giveaway example: make it short and then on the forum post remove the www extension and simply put write it like: and redirect it to the link

TIPS: There is already automated tools that auto follows twitter accounts, avoid to download free stuff from websites/forums since they can be injected by rats and keyloggers what can make you lose your account, this type of rats and keyloggers can these days bypass your antivirus with a hacking program tool. Also make sure to have CCleaner, Malwarebytes and I recommend (optional) Advanced System Care programs installed in your Computer + Anti-Virus.

There is a lot of scammers that won´t give you the products for free in order for you to be injected, so they can take a look on what you are typing and turn on your webcam, see your credit card details etc. And some of them can even be the "Top Reputable Members" from those forum/websites. If you have been infected clear your pc and then change your passwords.

Also if you have been downloading stuff from websites and forums make sure to do this:

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