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Hi Warriors,

I am curious...

Several years ago, I created 2 niche specific Social Networks that were pretty successful for their purpose. What I found was the social network created real relationship building and trust and based on the interest of the users in the niche I chose they were pretty committed.

- I had users emails stored with permission to email at anytime.
- Users received continuous emails from friend requests and other notifications that kept them engaged daily.
- Users were genuinely interested in the content that was posted
- Users did most of the work keeping content fresh on the site.

Based on problems surrounding the niche that I developed the networks around, I closed the networks and looked into other projects.

I am now curious as to whether any warriors out there have any successful niche specific social networks and if you haven't tried this angle.. would you?

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    if you want to build a community through social networking sites than I would recommend you try out Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to build an audience or even a blog. Your main focus should be focused on building list first then focus on building that relationship with them through adding value. Think : Social media => Build list
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    You seem to have a real talent for building communities. Maybe you should try to get back into this again, assuming the same issues are not still around to stop you.
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    • Profile picture of the author Saiah Davis
      thnx for your response seoboyz... I've been putting thought into it and have been researching a specific market over the past week (didn't even realize anyone had responded to thread).

      Ive pretty much narrowed down my target group to gender, age range, location, interest, etc and I'm currently developing a new niche specific network.

      Will follow up here with any further developments.
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    you seem to have built quite a community. Pretty impressive. It's great you would follow up on your updates here, I'll keep an eye out for them.

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