A New Year - Your New Start !

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Yes , almost 2015 . My year was a great success .
With some up's and downs but overall very good.

Since my success did not come overnight i wanted to share how i did it and most important it's free

The first and most important question will be for you people is how much are you making a month . Well i should say between 4.000 and 8.000 euro's a month. It all depends on the month.
Offers to buy my social media + site have been denied by me with offers ranging from $40.000 - $60.000

My main income is from Facebook. People who say facebook is no good for making money ... LEARN IT .
I started the fanpage about 2 years ago . No i did not made money from it from the start but actually it was just for fun.

I started advertising my page, that costed some money but i don't regret it .
Let your page grow without spamming affiliate links or people will leave.
Pictures , information that is what people want.

1 year after my page was created i made a website with information, stories, pictures ....
I started with making 72€ in the first month with ads!
I was like overjoyed

I knew i could make more so i created a new website because the CTR on the ads was terrible . I made a new website and started to drive more traffic. Then boom the next month about 600€ was made !
Top months on a my sites where about 6.000 euro's and that was with ads alone on my site. i made some bucks on the side with amazon
Because i don't really needed something i took gift cards and did some giveaways on my page. People loved it and it boosted my page .

Since then i make some great cash every month and what does it cost me ? Well only my website( server ) . Due to the high traffic i had to switch to a dedicated server but that costs me 150 euro a month so i don't mind as long as i make that amount of money.
+ The dedicated server is like a must because with the vps servers i had a lot of downtime ( not a bad host just a lot of traffic ! )

I did some teespring like all of us i think . had a few campaigns with success ( $600 - $350 ) all without ads

Now since i week i am putting clickbank offers in it to . And in 1 week i made about $1000 on the side .

Is facebook good i would say yes

I wish all of you new marketing people a good earning and blessed 2015
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    Congratulations on YOUR Success and thank you for sharing with us. This is VERY achievable for anyone who applies themselves like you have done. I also would like to wish anyone who sees this thread much success in 2015
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    Congragulations on your success. you're really an inspiration!

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      Congratualtions on your success using Facebook ads and to earn that amount of money per month. I make most of my income mainly through Clickbank and Amazon but might start getting to Facebook advertisement again in the new year. Thanks for sharing your success story with us.
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        It's amazing how you earned a lot through Facebook. If there's a will, there's a way, after all. Thanks for the post and the inspiration!
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      Thanks for sharing your story. It is good to start the new year with such realistic experience. When started, the business person spent a lot of time and resource for the learning. Months and years later, it is the time to harvest on what all resources have been invested.

      Wishing you a greater prosperity for the year 2015!
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    One thing i learned is - BE PATIENT
    Don't think you will be rich overnight .. only a few in the world will have this luck

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      Glad to hear someone making great money with Facebook! I've just started getting more serious learning how to manage and pull large numbers with Facebook pages and it's a ton of fun! I enjoy doing it whether I'm making money or not, but I'm at the point where I would love to start earning. Thanks for the positive reinforcement!
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    Heartiest congratulations on your grand success and wish you all the very best for coming year and future.Thanks for sharing your success on warrior forms.
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    Congratulations mate, that's huge! Just have a question: what's your fanpage about ?
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    2015 your page sould be bigger than before
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