Pay to play: the end of free social media marketing?

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Pay to play: the end of free social media marketing?

Facebook is at the vanguard of squeezing increased value from paid social media marketing and other networks are following

Written By: David Moth
September 15 2014 06.42
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    Id say that FB has been pushing in this direction for a while now.
    Pay to Play is definitely in effect here, but if you know how the ad system works you can do quite well within the purchased ads space.

    Most people will A) not buy any ads, saying social media should be free and B) not know how to buy ads and simply hit the boost post option.

    Either way, the few of us that has figured out ads will quickly rise to the top of mind while the others whine or simply don't want to learn. Traditional media is falling quicker and quicker, not adapting is biz death

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    I don't think it's the end. It's just getting harder and harder, but if you really have something valuable you can still succeed. For newcomers, it may certainly be the end, but for people who already have a good following they can still make it pretty good even without paid ads or boosting posts . Ofcourse the returns are going to be far higher with ads done right.

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