Pinterest in Safe Mode, Account Password Reset Problem!

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My Pinterest Account, with near 20,000 followers that I built with manual work and a lot of effort, is experiencing problem today, indicating the there has been suspicious activities, and has been placed in "safe mode" (read only). Pinterest indicates that I need to reset my password--and so I clicked the button that told me to do so. A message then displayed that email has been sent for password reset. I never received the email.

Has this occurred to anyone here? If so, what was the solution? Thank you!
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    Try resending the password reset link a few more times?
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    Unfortunately I've done it several times and there still is no answer from Pinterest.
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    Don't worry, Try to check back and resend the email some other time. The email may be delayed. Sometimes It happens, I am sure you already know this but don't forget to check the Junk or Spam folder.

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