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I've had my facebook account active for almost a month...and it seems to be going pretty well.
Here is my account page. https://www.facebook.com/RoofersClub I almost have 1,000 friends, they may not be that great? I have been posting on this section of facebook.

I am promoting a forum I have geared towards the roofing industry. Something I've been in my whole life, so I can definitely bring some value to my list as I build it up.

Question though.....this is my "facebook page" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roofe...80769018763222

As you can see...I have only done a handful of posts on this....I do them all on the main section.

1. - Should I just delete the "page" and just keep posting and putting my efforts on the main section where I am generating likes.

2. - Copy and paste my posts from the main section.....into the "page" and start focusing on the actual page instead.

3. - something else...lol
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    I personally would focus on building the Facebook page as I feel theres a lot more value to be had there.

    I've actually seen instances where people who build a FB profile with the intent of representing another entity (in your case a forum) they're asked repeatedly by Facebook to convert to a Facebook page.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    Is it possible to move the content/posts/likes over to the page?
    It just seems like I'd be starting from scratch going with the page now. I trust you
    but curious what the best way to transition is? Thanks
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