Twitter vs. Tumblr which is better ?

by anu999
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I am using twitter form last one year. It has good traffic source for my blog. But recently I hears Tumblr is one of the best social networking site to drive traffic to blog and getting high quality backlinks.
Anyone tested both sites?
Which side is good to drive traffic to blog?
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    I think both have their own role and importance. Tumblr is best for posting and promoting your blog which will also help in building quality backlink. Whereas Twitter is best for promotion as well as for social interactions that can help in driving traffic to your website.Hence, both can drive traffic but I think Twitter will be most beneficial for your business for driving maximum traffic.
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      I agree with Brown2.

      Out of the two Twitter is the best for promoting and creating and developing relationships with potential customers and Tumblr is best for posting and promoting your blog.

      Also don't forget about Facebook, Google+, Pintrest, Linkedin and Youtube. You need to have an overall social Media strategy that includes all avenues. Each have their benefits and negatives but all will produce good quality traffic and new customer relationships if used in the right way.
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  • I always use tumblr for get traffic for my website.its very effective social networking site as compare to twitter.
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    I think Twitter is way better. Tumblr is good, but it has only a certain type of audience. you can get people from all backgrounds on Twitter. Tumblr can be used for completing your campaign on Twitter, but you can't use it as a stand alone platform for your campaigns. That's just the way I see it

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    Use both. If you start using tumblr, follow people in your niche. They will be more willing to follow you back. Reblog 3-4 posts in your niche, don't just add posts pointing to your site. Make it look natural and friendly to other users. You will more likely get likes or reblogs that way. Twitter links will impove clicks if you post a photo along with your link.
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    From my experience tumblr doesn't really come up in search engines, I'm not sure how easy it is to find stuff there as well. Twitter can help things go more viral for sure.
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    Twitter is the best social networking site where you pramoting your link where as Tumblr is a blog from where you can generate quality backlinks and also share your content, link, images etc.
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    TUMBLR has 319 Million blog accounts. That is a huge chunk of people to totally ignore. Twitter has 317 million active users according to statista dot com. Both are very large chunks of people. Odds are there is some overlap but there are probably unique people in each place. It should not be either or but how you can do both. Some of those things can be scheduled or even automated. I would tread with caution there, but it seems wise with those large chunks of the population, to ignore either. It is very easy to post a blog on TUMBLR and tweet about it... don't leave money on the table ignoring the large groups IMO
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    Twitter and Tumblr both are a different type of sites, provide different effective tools to connect with your audience. Tumblr provides you a good platform to build your brand by writing amazing blogs and twitter allow you to quickly connect with your potential clients.
    I like both and use both the sites frequently for my business marketing.

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  • Both have their own advantages.
    Twitter is best for engaging and interacting with followers.
    Whereas, tumblr is good for blogging, it is absolutely best for beginners to get started without any HTML code necessary.
    What I would suggest is you blog via tumblr, build an audience there while simultaneously sharing the same via twitter and engaging with users on both platforms.
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    From my perspective I think it is best to use, both platforms--why just choose one.

    Same goes for all the other social sites--why just choose, say, Twitter over all the rest, when you can be driving traffic from all of them.

    Now, this does not mean you should spread yourself too thin--that is not good.

    But, if you can use Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social site that you can to maximize your reach online.

    Hope this Helps.
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    Twitter is a social networking web application that provides users with the ability to share information. Twitter users post status updates, news, jokes, events and other information. Posts are limited to 140 characters and can be sent from and received via text messaging in addition to traditional desktop applications.
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    I read some report that more than 60 percent users of twitter don't click on links in tweets they simply read the entries. so that twitter is not quite effective in getting traffic.
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    Both are good in their own ways. From both social sites you get traffic.
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    Twitter is more of a marketing community, it performs excellent to distribute around your articles within an marketing method and achieve a wider market. Thanks
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    Twitter is more popular micro-blogging site than Tumblr.
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    But, for both tumblr or twitter, I must be engage and interactive to other people- right?

    I will promote my blog post around the web (spread over in search engines)- I not will engage or "chatting" with others..........

    Look at the big brands/ big marketers on twitter or Donald Trump,do you think they had time to engage with other followers...or make retweets and all these things?

    I will concentrate on marketing/ promoting my content, not more and no less.
    Which of the both are best for me?

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    In my experience Twitter is better than Tumblr..
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    Between the two, twitter is better working than tumbler. It's the privacy perspective that am looking into. Dont get me wrong but I also enjoy twitter very much.
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    Both are the best and the most commercial platform to promoting your business in internet marketing but i'd like to suggest you to go for Twitter because it more powerful than tumblr and it could take you on the International Track also.
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    I think Twitter is much better then Tumbler, it works great to spread your content around in an advertising way and reach a wider audience. Also better for interaction as compared to Tumbler.
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    They are both blogging platforms. In short, Twitter is technically a micro blog, and Tumblr is one of the best, if not the best photo blogging platform out there. But personally I am using Twitter.
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    Both tumblr and twitter is better for getting backlinks... Tumblr is an awesome website for getting backlinks with lots of internal, video, audio, link, text and creating your own dashboard page..
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    yes twitter are really good for drive traffic and tumbler good for getting quality backlink.

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    Twitter is a micro-blogging service while Tumblr is a more comprehensive social networking service
    Twitter only allows the broadcasting of short messages while Tumblr has provisions for sending text, pictures, audio, and even video
    Twitter is very simple while Tumblr is a bit more complex
    Twitter can be used over a wide variety of devices while Tumblr is still quite limited

    ---> So I vote for tumblr
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  • Profile picture of the author mdallen
    I literally use both. I don't cut myself off from millions of potential customers. I have an automated app that shares my blog with both so all I have to do is find followers and then they automatically see my content. Each social platform has its benefits and it would be unwise to stick with just one.
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  • Profile picture of the author jennifer90
    i will recommend you can use both twitter and stumble upon.
    twitter is much effective but if you can some struggle on stumble upon this is also too good for you.
    you must follow peoples about niche and thy will follow back then in this way you can use both them for your business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rozanne
    Tumblr used to be a goldmine not too long ago but it's a big hassle these days as there are hardly any loopholes left to discover but still it's useful for webmasters. Twitter on the other hand is declining, but is still useful to get engagement.
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  • Profile picture of the author Successtoyou
    I think you have to make all the social media profiles that rank high. But you have to make some sort of schedule to be active in all of them which is not so easy to do. So, more high ranking social media profiles, better.
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  • Profile picture of the author mandylopez
    It highly depends on what you wanna use them for.
    For me Twitter is more of an advertising network, it works great to spread your content around in an advertising way and reach a wider audience.
    When it comes to Tumblr, in my opinion, it's better if you're looking for a more laid back place to share your creative content (tumblr is known for its wide archive of gifs and fanart). It's not as easy to make people notice your content there, and it takes slightly longer to build an audience on tumblr compared to Twitter.
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  • Profile picture of the author qrcodereader
    I'm use Twitter and Tumblr both for Business Marketting and both are good for marketing.but you want to more traffic on your website, Twitter is best.
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  • Profile picture of the author Pinkysoll
    I've tried both sites, and so far, Twitter does better in delivering me higher traffic results.

    But of course, you can do both. However, I suggest you put more of your efforts in reaching prospects in Twitter, as more people are there, alive, kicking and tweeting.

    Good luck!
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    It extremely relies on what you want to use them for.

    Facebook and Tweets are better for interacting with others. It's much simpler to achieve them and communicate with with them through these systems than through Tumblr.

    I take Facebook or myspace as more of a discussing system. If you've got an organization going or something like that, Facebook or myspace is excellent to discuss your material.

    For me Tweets is more of a marketing system, it functions well to distribute your material around in a marketing way and achieve a broader viewers.

    Both Facebook or myspace and Tweets perform best for more entrepreneur-ish things. I don't see them as a innovative way of growing your art or songs for example.

    When it comes to Tumblr, in my personal viewpoint, it's better if you're looking for a more relaxed identify to discuss your innovative material (tumblr is known for its extensive database of gifs and fanart). It's not as simple to get individuals observe your material there, and it requires a little bit a longer period to develop viewers on tumblr in comparison to Facebook or myspace and Tweets. If you're managing a not-so-creative company then I recommend against using Tumblr to promote it; Tumblr isn't that much of a “grown-up” position and it's usually used only as a back-up identify to discuss innovative material in a not so serious way (artists usually convert to DeviantArt to set up a more expert page).

    If you're looking for using one of these systems just for your own private use, in a “spend time” way, then it relies upon what type of connections you're looking for:

    Facebook. It's not usually used to have interaction with others you don't actually know and it's a more individual way of interacting with others. In my personal viewpoint it's not exactly a position I'd go to if I desired to socialize.
    Twitter. Everyone is usually more easy-going than on Facebook or myspace since it's not as much of your own area as Facebook or myspace is. Everyone is used to being followed by someone they don't know and it's a position where those who the same passions often connect, creating it simpler to have interaction with with others.
    Tumblr. This is by far the most relaxed position ever. If you want to socialize who like the same things as you do and are very easy-going then Tumblr is where for you. Though it does take the time to actually begin discussing to individuals there.
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    You should use both, if possible, two social networks that are very strong, you both can do traffic doubled.
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  • Hi..
    Twitter is a big and best social networking site when compared in Tumblr .
    Twitter are use of lots of people mostly use this site are so suzasted Twitter site
    1. Twitter -310,000,000- Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
    2. Tumblr -110,000,000- Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors
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  • Profile picture of the author praveen s
    Twitter is the best social networking site where you pramoting your link where as Tumblr is a blog from where you can generate quality backlinks and also share your content, link, images
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  • Profile picture of the author Susan Green
    If you are looking for a website that suits best for the marketing purpose then the best that you can use is Twitter as it is more popular and best for providing you with some more exciting features also.
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    There is a huge competition gap between the web 2.0 "Tumblr" and the social media king "Twitter". Twitter had a far fast audience and following then Tumblr due to numerous type of post sharing to advance marketing campaigns. Now a days, Twitter became a must part of social media, whereas Tumblr is well known for some specific type of posting like blogging, images sharing, and info graphics etc.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shams Sikder
    You should just try using both and post the same things on each source. You could get a tracking link to your blog, and then after a while, you can see for yourself which one is better for you.
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