Facebook Vs Pinterest Which is Best

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Hello Folks,

I want to know that which social site is best Facebook vs Pinterest. Because know Pinterest update and add new feature, New feature of Pinterest is chat or massages.
So know Pinterest also add chat feature in its site then people like it or people use Facebook as usually!
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    I think Pinterest has got a lot more value moving forward for business. It is the simplicity that is it's strength. I use it most week days for just 10 mins a day, pinning my own content, pinning others content, and leaving a few messages and comments etc. I find in Google Analytics Pinterest gets more traffic, even if I spend double the time on Facebook.

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    I haven't used Pinterest nearly as much as I have used Facebook...

    So the 'cake' goes to FB at this time (however could always change)
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    Facebook and Pinterest are the best places to promote your website site. Personally, i like Pinterest - It is the best image sharing site, within a week you can get more views,followers for the pins that will increase the site traffic..
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    Pinterst is good, but there are certain niches that you can't use it for. For example, Take social media management. Excluding infographics, you can''t really promote it effectively on pinterest. Moreover the audience on Pinterest is limited.

    Facebook offers a lot of options, and gives you a very diverse and mass audience, so I prefer Facebook.

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    Facebook has over 900 million active users -- 500 of whom are estimated to use Facebook daily. Meanwhile, Pinterest has over 10 million users, 98% of whom have a Facebook and/or Twitter account.
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    Pinterest was hailed as the most fastest growing social network. I believe that if your content is visually compelling (like photography, infographics etc), you can reap a lot of benefit out of it. Besides, participating actively in other's boards, repinning the content that you find useful for your audience generates good traffic. And free ofcourse.
    Facebook on the other hand has world's largest subscriber base but the organic reach of Facebook Pages is being squeezed and throttled. If you can afford budget to be spent in advertising, Facebook's targeting capability is definitely unrivaled.
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    Also, if you analyze the demographic of Pinterest users, those are mostly female. Pinterest initially was used for sharing recipes and content associated with female category. So if you are targeting this niche, it can prove to be quite useful for you.
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      Widely, both social media websites are very good to promote but as we all know that both have them have their way of promotion and different niche's audiences. facebook is very coomon to the common world and that's why I do prefer more the facebook.

      Below you can find various news about Facebook and other social networks.
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    Pinterest is a very cool website but i do not think that it is used as extensively as facebook or maybe even twitter. So i think that facebook will have a wider reach therefore facebook is better.
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    Both I believe will help your business grow but which one is better I think depends on how much your business relies on sharing the visual content and what it will gain from doing so.

    If you business is solely interested in sharing visuals for brand awareness and reach, then it may be a good idea to focus your efforts more on Facebook. However, if your business is focusing on purchases of a product, then Pinterest may be right for you. Pinterest can directly lead to sales because the users are redirected to a business website by clicking on the image.

    I do not have an answer to which site is better, Pinterest or Facebook. What type of business you are running, your industry and the target demographic all need to be taken into consideration and will make a difference in which social network will work for you. I would suggest experimenting with the different sites while promoting your visual content and see which is more successful.

    Personally, I don't use Pinterest, however a lot of my clients are more professional services and less creative. I wonder if it is best for your creative and sales clients that are selling products. Instagram and Facebook are really my tools or choice if I was to be quite honest.
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    Facebook would be awesome, BUT as with my main site, they don't allow me to promote anything based on some "adult content warning" which there's none, not even close, it's family orientated content and website is for motherhood, family, kids etc.

    However, that forced me to push more towards pinterest for traffic and it made it worth while. rather new site got 150 uniques per day, but some effort and "whoring" in Pinterest, I get 1500 - 2500 uniques per day, from which 85% from pinterest.

    also, target audience makes a difference. Our target audience is US women (moms) between 25 - 45, which happens to be the biggest user group of Pinterest

    So, for me, it's pinterest, but I'd say target audience is important factor.
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    Businesses have different outcome from social media. Some companies get a lot of traffic on Facebook, while other companies get many businesses from Pinterest. I think Pinterest is better for clicks and sales, and Facebook is better for interacting with your customers on social media.
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    Facebook has over 890 million active users 400 of whom are estimated to use Facebook daily. At the same time, Pinterest has over 10 million users, 97% of whom have a Facebook and/or Twitter account.
    Clearly, Facebook has a very much larger audience. And when it comes to sharing content online, you want it to reach as many people as possible.
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    It might not even be appropriate to compare the two. Both can be considered social networks, but most of the similarities end there. While it’s true that you can use both to share images and to communicate with others, the format and purpose of these activities is entirely different.
    Most notably, Pinterest is streamlined to make it easy to find out what’s hot. The site is centered around topics, rather than users, so it doesn’t rely quite so strongly on close relationships.
    This makes Pinterest great for retailers, especially those that appeal to the home and garden demographic. Unlike Facebook, a very large percentage of the photos being shared are images of consumer products and retail items, and many retailers are reporting spikes in traffic from the site. It has become the number one social referrer for both of Martha Stewart’s websites, beating Facebook and Twitter combined.
    According to data from Shareaholic, Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. It accounts for 3.6 percent of total referral traffic. Compare this with the 26.4 percent that Facebook refers, realizing that Facebook has at least eight times as many users. For it’s size, Pinterest is winning. If Pinterest were the size of Facebook, it would account for at least 28.8 percent of traffic on the web.
    It’s not surprising that Facebook quickly responded by creating something similar, called Friendsheet. The interface is similar to Pinterest in many ways.

    Will Friendsheet be able to compete with Pinterest’s meteoric rise?

    The most obvious benefit of Friendsheet is that it is easily integrated with your existing social network on Facebook. A very noteworthy difference, however, is that Facebook has a different kind of network. Pinterest is much more public, allowing posts by an individual’s account to go viral across the entire network. The content is easily categorized and simple to search through.
    While it is easier to share with your immediate friends using Friendsheet, Pinterest makes it easier to share things with a wide audience. From a user perspective, it is also easier to find items of interest on Pinterest. This is perhaps the most noteworthy difference between the two.
    Pinterest most easily falls under the category of social bookmarking, which is certainly nothing new. Sites like Reddit, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon are also powerful social bookmarking tools, but these networks either appeal to males or are gender neutral. Pinterest is the first one with a primarily female audience.
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    I don't think so that we should compare both of these social networks. Facebook has been there for a long time and managed to build strong reputation. On the other, hand Pinterest was released with a new idea., after Facebook.
    The purpose of both of them is nothing else but proving a social network. The features offered by both of them are suitable for different people. An organization can use both at the same time for promotions. It can have a very good effect on the business.
    That's why my opinions is that both of them are good at their own place. No one is better than other!
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    I use them both,
    Pinterest is more visually appealing but i use facebook more. For business and personal.
    People get great results from both.

    I think that you can do well in any social media platform, you just need to be consistent.

    My mission to escape the factory grind http://imnathanjames.com

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    Never used the Pinterest, and so far as far as I know Facebook

    holds huge number of user, and many are making good money in this

    Social app, so for that very reason, my vote goes to Facebook
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    Facebook is one of the most powerful social platforms today. A big portion of internet users are on it, which makes it a great choice for any types of business. On the other hand, Pinterest has always seemed like Facebook’s cozy little sister. This social platform works best for visual contents.
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    Facebook will be better because it is powerful in promote business, advertise and look for huge traffic.
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    Facebook or Pinterest?
    It depends on your niche.
    Female oriented niches often work better with Pinterest.
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    As it's been mentioned already, it will depend on your niche. Every platform has pros and cons, so it's just a matter of if your niche frequents on that specific platform or not. I'm partial to Facebook for my niche, but my niche also uses Pinterest.

    Don't be against using both platforms. Focus on one first for a while before incorporating the other.
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      Originally Posted by angelap999 View Post

      As it's been mentioned already, it will depend on your niche. Every platform has pros and cons, so it's just a matter of if your niche frequents on that specific platform or not. I'm partial to Facebook for my niche, but my niche also uses Pinterest.

      Don't be against using both platforms. Focus on one first for a while before incorporating the other.
      That's right. This had been mentioned many times before. Each platform has it own pros and cons. So you need to research your market, your audiences before choosing the right platform. I think using Facebook is to get user engagement and fans while using Pinterest to promo image on such as fashion, food niches.
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    Facebook is better hands down, but don't count Pinterest out! You should at least use Pinterest in some capacity for your online marketing strategy. I do get some very good organic traffic to my website from Pinterest. Just like any other social media platform make sure to post and share valuable content.
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    If you are looking to target only ladies that too within a specific age limit then pinterest is a way to go besides if you don't want to lose over other gender and ages then facebook is worth for you.
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    Both Facebook and Pinterest are great for promoting a website and generate traffic. Facebook is much effective for increasing conversions and sales.
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    Well, both social network platforms are good for promoting your business. But if I have to choose one, I'll go for Facebook as it has a larger audience and users.

    I prefer to target more and more traffic so my vote goes to Facebook.
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    I believe both are the best places, but I can choose for Facebook that will be more convenient for my business.
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    I'm more the Facebook fan then a Pinterest and I haven't used Pinterest very much so I don't know much about it just posting pictures I don't see how that is marketing Facebook still strong
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    It doesn't matter if the question is Facebook vs. Pinterest, Snapchat vs. Instagram or YouTube vs. Vimeo, each platform has its merits and fits different types of marketers. And since it's often hard to say in advance and each account has it's own story, it makes a lot of sense to give both a shot and decide it for yourself after you've tried to make both work for your needs. There is a good chance that both will be valuable. As far as social media goes, you should be using as many platforms as possible in order to get the largest audience. Additionally, it gives you something to fall back on, when one of those goes down in flames or closes your accounts.
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