Got no reach with for my ads and i miss the activity Box under my posts

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Hi guys, i started a few days a go my first teespring campaigns but it brings more stress then fun to me.

My first problem is that i reach no ppl with my campaigns. It took hours that FB sends out my ads and after that i reach for example 242 ppl of 200k in 24h. I use cpc 0.11 if FB shows me a maximum of 14... no way!!! Any ideas what i can change? Tried also Auto CPC... after that i payed 2€ for 4 engagements.

My second prob is that FB don't shows me the (i name it activity-box) below my posts. I see just the likes of of the ppl but not how much i arrived by pay or organic traffic. Any ideas??

hope u can help me, thx!!
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