[TUTORIAL]How I Made Over $50,000 With Only One YouTube Video

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So as you might know YouTube is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website.

You probably want to know which video has made me over $50,000 in Profit and still makes me more and more money every single day?

There you go
It's a video about how to get 100,000 Real Twitter Followers by using 2 different websites.
I am not going to explain how exactly this video makes me money but if you have a look at the description you can probably tell.

What You Will Learn

• How to create a Video that converts viewers into buyers

• How to optimize your Video for high rankings

• How to rank your Videos on the first page of YouTube

• How to prevent your video from getting banned

• How to make sure your Video stays on top

How To Create A Video That Turns Viewers Into Buyers

Alright let's start off with probably the hardest part when it comes to YouTube Marketing: Creating a high quality Video that makes people visit your website and buy your products.

Of course it depends on the niche you are in and what kind of products you are going to sell but I will show you an overall method you can use to sell nearly every product.

3 Steps to a High Converting Video:

• Prepare what you want to say and when!

This is a very important thing to do. As a marketer you have to find out when it is the right time to come up with your „sales pitch" but more importantly how this sales pitch is going to sound like.

Make sure to design a clear message so your potential customers know thatthey will have to buy something.

• Offer unique content

Don't just think it is enough to simply put out some content that has already been shown thousands of times. Of course you can even make money with this kind of content but the real gold lays in creating something unique.

• Create a Sense of Urgency

This is the most important thing of all. If your potential buyer does not feel the need to get your product right now you have very bad chances to make the sale.

Whatever kind of video you make (sales video, tutorial, commercial) make sure to at some point mention the site where people can get your production.

We will look more into how to actually create your videos (software and sites to use) more deeply in a few moments.

How I implemented these 3 Steps into my „How to get 100,000 Twitter Followers" Video.

To be honest back in the day when I made this video I did not actually think about these steps. I just created it.

But after analysing this tutorial in detail I found out what it made such a huge success.

I got straight to the point and showed people how to get more Twitter Followers using tweepi.com to mass follow targeted users on twitter (by the way this strategy still works like charm so if you need more twitter followers go ahead and do it.)

Effect: Make people trust my methods and me.

Then I showed them real life examples of my actual Twitter Account and how I really gain 100 thousands of followers from this method

Effect: People are fascinated and want to try it out asap.

Watch out now the critical point comes. The thing that separates high converting videos from the ones that won't bring you a dime.

I told them that in order to use this Twitter Mass Following Method, they have to first buy a bunch of Bot Followers to keep their account safe. (which of course is actually true!)


Once you actually create a sense of urgency in the buyers brain there is no reason why you should not be able to earn tons of money with your video.

How To Create A Great Sales Video

There are quite a few ways of how to create a great sales video.

Its imply can be a tutorial where you show your viewers a specific thing and then include your sales pitch at the end or a promo video made in iMovie or Sony Vegas.

If you are like most people and are not that good in producing fancy videos using complicated software you can simply outsource the work on fiverr.com.

How to optimize your Video for High Rankings

1. Find the right tags/keywords for your video

To do that simply go to the youtube homepage and click in the searchbar. Then type in the beginning letters of one of your keywords.

For example for my TwitterVideo this would be something like „how to get more twitt..".
And then Youtube will automatically recommend you the keywords that have the most searches per month!

All you have to do now is to copy each of these recommended keywords and use them as „tags"for you video.

This is a great method to make sure you have tags that people are actually searching for. So once your video is ranked for these keywords, tons of traffic is guaranteed.

2. Choose a good and catchy Title for your video

Don't worry! You don't even have to come up with a title yourself.

To find a good title just use the method we used above to get our tags. Simply choose one of the recommendations youtube gives you in the search bar.

You can customize your title a little to make it more attractive and catchy but be sure to always include your main keyword in the title! This is very important for the ranking of your video.

Tip: Write the beginning letter of every word in your title with a Capital Letter. This way your video will stand out from the other videos on the site.

3. Optimize your Video Description

Try to make the description as long as possible (youtube loves content just as much as google)and make sure you include at least 3 of your main tags in there.

Don't forget to put the link to your website in the very beginning of the description.

It should look something like this: „Link - Click here to get exclusive access to our products...!"

4. Don't forget to pick a category

Many people forget to pick the right category for their videos. Don't make this mistake cause it can cost yu a lot of views and traffic if your video is located in the wrong place!

Just click the advanced settings tab and choose the category that matched your video. For my example this would be „howto&style".

How To Rank Your Videos On The First Page Of YouTube

Despite to what most people say there is one thing you will not come around when it comes to ranking youtube videos and that is Buying Views and Likes.

It worked wonders for me and will do that for you too.

Think about it: How can a video get ranked that only receives a few views and likes a day? If you want to get ranked on the first page for a keyword, in most cases you will need at least 10,000+ views cause this is what your competitors have!

So how are you going to get the views and likes you need? It's very simple! a site where you can buy views.

Normally 2,000 Views Packages go for $27 and come 100 free video likes which is pretty good for the start.

It will give your video a good boost and the solid base it needs to keep ranking in the long run.

Now it really depends on your budget and how far you want to take it. If you have a lot of money to invest (which would be good cause as you can see the ROI from youtube videos is insane) you can simply go for the big packages of 100,000+ views and rank your video much faster.

If your budget isn't that big that's okay too. Just purchase a few views and likes packages even now and then to increase your rankings overtime.

And if all of this takes too long for you, I will show you a very fancy trick at the end of this tutorial which you can use to rank on a top position on the first page within a few hours! So be sure to read the whole post!

How To Prevent Your Video From Getting Banned?

There are a lot of discussions going on about youtube marketing being dead because videos get banned so easily nowadays especially if you are buying views.

But don't worry. I know better! It's true that videos are getting banned for bought views. In fact 90% of all youtube views providers nowadays suck!

There are only a few good ones and YoutubeVirals | Buy YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers and more! is one of them. The reason for this is simple.

They provide High Retention views that are generated through website referrals and not by simple bots!

So if you are using a safe provider nothing can ever happen to your videos!

How To Make Sure Your Video Stays On The Top

Once you have ranked your video on one of the best positions on the first page your biggest concerns should be how to make it stay there!

Outshine your competition

Well that is pretty easy. Make sure your video gets more views on a daily basis. Of course if you are ranked on the first page this will happen naturally but if you notice that your competitors videos get more views feel free to buy some more views too!

Create a good likes-dislikes ratio

When you notice that you are starting to get more dislikes always make sure you to add enough likes to your video so the relation stays good.

It's always recommended to have 85% likes and 15% dislikes on a video. It's enough likes to make people think the video is good and enough dislikes to let people think that it was not faked.

Wrapping It Up

There you go! Now there is no way that you will fail at youtube marketing ever again.

If you implement all of these steps the chances are almost 100% that you will make money, a lot of money from it.

Just remember to always take the safe road for your normal youtube business account. Meaning to only buy views from good providers and never overdo it when it comes to optimizing your title and description.

I hope you enjoyed the read and see you next time!

P.S. Feel free to ask me any questions you want in this thread! I will reply to all of them.
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    Nice share!
    what about backlinks? Do you create some to improve rankings?
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      Originally Posted by DZM View Post

      Nice share!
      what about backlinks? Do you create some to improve rankings?
      Interested in this as well. And how about buying embeds+social signals? I checked your video on ahrefs and it shows some crazy numbers:
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      Originally Posted by DZM View Post

      Nice share!
      what about backlinks? Do you create some to improve rankings?
      Thanks! I never created backlinks. Only Social Signals.
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      Wow Michael you could actually sold this but you were very kind enough to let people know what you did and it was easy to implement your steps Thanks Mike!
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      • Profile picture of the author michaelkoehler92
        Originally Posted by JoeMartin169 View Post

        Wow Michael you could actually sold this but you were very kind enough to let people know what you did and it was easy to implement your steps Thanks Mike!
        I love to help other people. That's what I do on forums and on my blog. Thanks for the good feedback!
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      I saw on this forum that many members don't like the idea of buying followers. In which way is this different? Or how can I find out whether those followers are quality or not. I am just curious.
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        Originally Posted by Tony Palus View Post

        I saw on this forum that many members don't like the idea of buying followers. In which way is this different? Or how can I find out whether those followers are quality or not. I am just curious.
        buying followers is just for social proof. you don't want them to be targeted followers. the only thing they do is increasing your followers count which will result in more real followers in the long wrong.

        No one followers someone with only a few followers.
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  • This is interesting, but, if you could really do it again, you would. And you wouldn't be trying to make small change here on the WF or writing SEO articles to pay the rent either.
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    I wanted to watch the video but it says the account associated with the video has been terminated...
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