Facebook Groups Idea - Will Pagemodo Do This?

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Just looking at some of the local FB Online Yard Sale / Buy-Sell groups & I see a GLARING problem.

Once someone posts on the very active ones (in my case there's one with 18,000+ members), their post is down to about position 47 in 5 minutes flat.

Just wondering if there's something out there where I could set up a page to do this?

I'm thinking of having it where items could be categorized and sub-categorized to make listings stick around near the top of said categories longer, plus, if I'm looking to buy a [insert item here], I don't have to scroll through 60 listings to maybe find what I'm looking for.

Pagemodo is exceedingly vague as to exactly what their platform can do, and I'd like to know if they are a decent choice for this idea (if it's even possible)?

If possible, then approach/message the group admins & ask if they'd like to migrate to the new page.

I'm sure a page getting hundreds (thousands?) of buyer visitors every day could be monetized in more ways than one.

Thanks for any input.

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