Tools/sites required for social media.

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I want to do social media marketing.

Could you all please be so kind as to tell me what tools and websites are required to do this expertly?

Thank you and regards.
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    I would suggest you:



    - Nizam
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        If you are just stating out, you do not need any tools. You need to find out what kind of content your audience responds to the best.

        The best way to do that is to post manually, instead of trying to figure out how to use a bunch of software. And spend your time creating content that your followers like and share.

        The easiest places to start with are the simple ones: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Those have simple posting mechanisms so you can just post and see which pieces do well.

        After you have a better idea of what your audience likes, try out the Facebook scheduler, and hootsuite for Twitter. If there is a auto-poster or scheduler for Pinterest I am not aware of it.

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    Or you can use SMM panels (I recommend you to use just social media services via real followers, even it's a little more expensive).
    Do you want to Resell Social Media Services (Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, etc)?
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    I agree with Michael, you don't need software in order to do this, it's much better to post your "stuff" yourself. You will need a bit of imagination to make your posts interesting and engaging to your fans, but it's worth it in the end.
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    Originally Posted by Ricardo Furtado View Post

    I want to do social media marketing.

    Could you all please be so kind as to tell me what tools and websites are required to do this expertly?

    Thank you and regards.
    Other than Facebook the other big 4 that I use are:

    1. Twitter
    2. Pinterest
    3. Youtube
    4. Google+

    In order for your social media to be effective with these 4 other sites it would be wise to build a presence in each one just like you have already done with your Facebook page.

    Think about what you did to get the amount of friends you have on your Facebook page. These are people you got to know over a period of time. So, you just have to do the exact same thing on these other sites in the most efficient way possible.

    How exactly can you do this?


    Let's start off with Twitter.

    Twitter is the easiest way to get a massive following in a very short period of time. First think about the niche you are in and only follow people in that niche. Follow about 50-75 people a day and start building a relationship with them.

    Look at what they're tweeting about and find something that really impresses you. When you find this tweet favorite it, Re-Tweet it, reply and send a direct message and tell them how much you loved it! They will definitely respond back and there you go....the easiest way to break the ice!

    Do this with everyone person you follow and then when you've established yourself a bit go ahead and make a tweet of your own about something you've posted on your website. If you did it right, you'll see your engagement go through the roof!

    Now you take that same concept and just apply it to all the other sites just translated to their world.

    On Facebook it's all about sharing, liking and commenting so do that to break the ice for others' content and then share your posts.

    With Youtube its all about liking videos, subscribing, and commenting. Find videos in your niche that you truly like and simply leave them a comment describing why you liked it so much. Like the video, subscribe to their channel, and send them a message as well.

    Google+ is all about joining circles and +1ing content. Do a search for people in your niche and find articles that you genuinely find interesting. When you do, join that person's circle, +1 the post and leave an in depth comment describing how much you loved their post.

    Pinterest is all about pinning, sending messages, commenting, and liking. Search for pictures that relate to your niche and when you find something that catches your eye like it, send them a message and comment on how much you enjoyed their pic.

    The goal here is to build a solid presence in each of these top social media sites so that when you are ready to post you will already have an active audience craving and waiting to engage with your content.
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