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by Gabsn
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I got a Facebook fanpage about cars with over 530k likes, receiving about 1000 likes per post.
I received offers to purchase the page but I'm still unsure if I should sell the page or try to monetize.
Monetizing the page would probably bring more money on the long run but 600$/700$ for a fast sale sounds good too.
What do you think? And what would be a good method to monetize a fanpage about cars?

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    Joina CPA like peerfly or maxbounty. When joining, if they ask how you plan to drive traffic, simply state you have a fanpage with 535,000 fans and put the link.

    Next, find offers in these networks for car loans and insurance that you can promote to your fans.

    Also try teespring. They are into tshirts. Make tshirts designs with cars and promote to your list.

    Also join amazon and ebay affiliate programs. if you find offers that your fans would like, in them, promote it to them.

    You could easily be making $2000 weekly. Probably send out like 3 promotional post a week. Dont spam them or you may start losing your fans
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    Having a fan page is just like having a email list. The best thing in my opinion is to monetize it yourself and never sell it. People who buy your list will most likely just destroy all the work you have put in to it. No one knows your fan page better than you. I think you could easily get a full time income from that if you monetize it good. Good luck!
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    Make a simple clean looking blog about cars with adsense. I'd love to give you some tips and help you out if you're interested shoot me a private message.
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    Hi, you can be a FB hoter to own money. I think you shouldn't sell it, fans is the best value.
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    send emails /fb msgs to ppl in ur country who have car /car accessory related brands. .Ask them if they would b interested in putting sponsored content on ur page.. They pay well.. Network locally with other social media influencers and u might get business thru them,.
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    Try this out - Lolspots. I have made around 2700$ from this website by using my facebook pages.
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    Think of this: if you wanted to build that fan base from the ground up, how much would it cost you in advertisement? Never sell for less than that. Not to mention the time it would take.

    So don't sell if you aren't offered thousands of dollars. Try to monetize it. grandstar gave you very good tips.
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    monetize it yourself, don't sell it for 700 $, that's chocolate money compared to the value of this facebook page
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